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Normally, I wouldn’t post the weekend open thread this early, except for the fact I will be on the road most of today, and I will be visiting my dad tonight. So you get it early!

As usual, feel free to discuss whatever you like here. For your consideration, I offer you my favorite piece of classical music, Gustav Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War. Even though Holst’s intent with this piece (as well as the rest of his orchestral suite known as The Planets) was supposedly the astrological “influence of the planets on the psyche“, I have always heard Mars as the perfect musical embodiment of the ancient concept of war, with lost of swords striking and cavalry, followed by a triumphant parade for the victors (yes, I hear all of that in this piece). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Have a great weekend folks!


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5 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Following EWT we should be a the “B” wave advance. C wave should follow sometime in the next few weeks which could be large. I plan on getting more (small amount) spxu. If we do (I think we will) get to the 200 ma I’m buying upro (small amount) and letting it ride. I don’t see any reason not having some upro in my account and trading the 200 day and 50 day ma. I’m going to look into this idea buy 5% @ 200 ma if it falls buy more.

  2. 24,000 jobs per month for Obamacare over the last year! What does it mean for health care? for the economy?

    “It takes an army: Tens of thousands of workers roll out Obamacare”

    “From the chief actuary at the California health insurance exchange that the health care reform law established to the legions of call center staffers who will help people trying to buy insurance through such state exchanges, the number of people working to implement “Obamacare” has reached the tens of thousands…”
    “…relatively few of the Obamacare-related jobs are in healthcare, at least so far. The sector added an average of 24,000 jobs per month over the last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this month. Helping the uninsured buy coverage is expected to bring millions more paying patients to doctors, clinics and hospitals starting in 2014, but most providers have adopted a wait-and-see attitude on staffing.”

    • Maybe it’s just me, but how do you improve healthcare without creating a single doctor, nurse, or even medical science job? 10’s of thousands of bureaucrats sounds more like a nightmare than a solution…

      • Sounds like Ka-Ching- your, mine and everyones healthcare just got more expensive-how else are those 10’s of thousands of extra people going to get paid. More people going to the doctor but no big increase in docs- gotcha again- you are paying more for less care- I am impressed………..

  3. I wonder who got the jobs? Where were they advertised? Definitely not in JobsUSA or in my friends’ local government job postings; my unemployed friends who never got more than 26 weeks of unemployment benefits did not see them advertised there.

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