July 17th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary   Leave a comment

Even though I beat the indexes again today, it wasn’t because of too much cash in the portfolio, or any other weird portfolio strategy. Today, it was just a combination of odd things combining to give my portfolio a boost:

GNW: 0.01 to $12.79 ( 0.08% , 36.50% overall)– bought at $9.37
IACI: 1.19 to $52.03 ( 2.34% , 5.09% overall)– bought at $49.51
IAU: -0.15 to $12.40 ( -1.20% , -5.63% overall)– bought at $13.14
NNVC: 0.04 to $0.99 ( 4.21% , 110.64% overall)– bought at $0.47
YHOO: 2.78 to $29.66 ( 10.34% , 22.82% overall)– bought at $24.15

OVERALL: +0.53%

For IACI, it was this piece of news that boosted it (from Reuters via Yahoo):

In another win for Barry Diller’s IAC-backed Aereo Inc, a U.S. appeals court declined on Tuesday to rehear an appeal by the major broadcasters seeking to temporarily shut down the online television start-up.

The broadcasters, including Walt Disney Co’s ABC and Comcast Corp’s NBCUniversal, contend Aereo infringes their copyrights. In April, a panel of the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals refused to close down Aereo while a lawsuit over the service continued in Manhattan federal court.


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