August 7th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary   Leave a comment

I had another “winning ugly” day today, beating the indexes with a barely positive day in my portfolio, mostly due to good news on NNVC, as NanoViricides’ Dengue treatment was given the FDA’s “orphan drug” designation officially yesterday (according to the FDA website). With gold and Yahoo up a hair, that also helped:

GNW: -0.07 to $12.78 ( -0.54% , 36.39% overall)– bought at $9.37
IAU: 0.01 to $12.47 ( 0.08% , -5.10% overall)– bought at $13.14
NNVC: 0.05 to $1.03 ( 5.10% , 119.15% overall)– bought at $0.47
YHOO: 0.07 to $27.39 ( 0.26% , 13.42% overall)– bought at $24.15

OVERALL: +0.03%


Posted August 7, 2013 by edmcgon in News, Open Thread, Portfolio, Stocks

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