August 12th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary   4 comments

Today’s results include Friday, and they have been an awesome 2 days:

GNW: -0.28 to $12.60 ( -2.17% , 34.47% overall)– bought at $9.37
IAU: 0.23 to $12.98 ( 1.80% , -1.22% overall)– bought at $13.14
NNVC: 0.29 to $1.32 ( 28.16% , 180.85% overall)– bought at $0.47
UGLD: -0.24 to $18.57 ( -1.28% , -1.28% overall)– bought at $18.81
YHOO: 0.87 to $28.35 ( 3.17% , 17.39% overall)– bought at $24.15

OVERALL: +1.24%


Posted August 12, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

4 responses to “August 12th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary

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  1. Ed,
    Nice nice gain on that NNVC. Any thought to taking your investment off the table and let your profits ride? Also isn’t it a long shot that they would get FDA approval the first go round?
    Drug companies isn’t something I’d invest into at this time but you always here about them making big gains when a clinical trial goes well and when something goes wrong well you hope your entry price is a good one.

    • Bill, I’ve thought about it. Even with the run-up, it’s still only about 4% of my portfolio. I’m also sitting on an oversized cash position, so it’s not like I need the cash.

      As for my entry price, it’s hard to top 47 cents/share. If it reaches $3, I’ll consider taking some profits. But truthfully, I am in it for the long-term. I believe this company could change the way doctors treat viruses, and that impact is hard to put a price on. NNVC is estimating a billion dollar market cap, but I think it could be more than that.

      Finally, there is one last advantage to NNVC: Because it’s a penny stock, it won’t crash when the markets do. Penny stocks don’t often move with markets.

  2. You know the next 3 weeks could prove to interesting. With volume being so so low and the up coming national investor holiday week. I want be surprised to see the market make another 52 week high. I think I may sell more stock before August 22nd.

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