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Folks, I don’t mind a spirited discussion, but I’ve taken enough insults. Comments are now closed until next week.

UPDATE: I have been thinking about this, and I have finally decided to ban Mike (aka Mike & Kathie) from commenting. It is clear he has absolutely no respect for me whatsoever. I take this action reluctantly, as I am a firm believer in free speech. However, there is a difference between insulting someone in public, and going to their home and doing it. This blog is like my home, and he has basically crapped on my carpet one too many times. He is no longer welcome here.

SECOND UPDATE: I have decided to re-open the comments. The rest of you shouldn’t be punished for Mike. By the way, his ban isn’t open for discussion.


Posted August 16, 2013 by edmcgon in Blog stuff

12 responses to “Comments are now closed

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  1. Ed,

    Banned? I am not sure if I missed some comments but if this is about the Cisco discussion I think you were much shorter with Robb than anything mike said yesterday to you.

    It is your blog but what once was a site with lively discussion and 70+ post a day now gets less than 10 a day many days. Many long time contributors are no longer posting. I wonder why?

    • I’m not posting because my play money has been going towards other things, but do hope that I can get back in at a later date.
      Still come here every day to read the posts though.

  2. I thought the number of posts had dropped because the number of day trades had gone to almost zero. About 18 months ago Edstakingstock became almost totally a day traders forum. I believe Ed even added Traders Corner so those who traded on a daily basis could show or discuss what they were doing. Today there is almost no discussion of day trading. (I have always considered Trader an options trader not a day trader and still do.) I may have made an incorrect assumption but the assumption was the day traders were out of money and no longer were trading or at least trading on a much reduced basis. Yes, the number of posts have dropped but the quality has improved from my point of view as a stock buyer and seller; not a day trader.

  3. Latemon,

    I am also not a day trader and never followed that much. But I think the day trading post went down not because posters were not day trading but simply not posting here anymore. Also if you went back to the early days there was no day trading section but many people posting their ideas for stocks, politics and for fun.

  4. Suffice it to say, Mike’s last comment in the Cisco discussion was uncalled for. This is not the first time this has happened. But it is the last.

    As for why people don’t comment as much, I have no idea.

    • the numbers you put up Ed make your statements seem just a little jaundiced. Those numbers seem to prove that the Cisco CEO is earning his money………..

      Ed this is the last comment from Mike, not sure but doesn’t seem that bad? Sorry just trying to understand

    • Mike is cranky and I absolutely do not agree with the politics of much of what he says. However, I mostly enjoyed his comments and even on the CISCO thing, I didn’t see anything that was deserving of banishment. Nonetheless, its your blog Ed and I will continue to read.


  5. The discussion between Robb and I got overly heated yesterday. I am not blaming him, because I threw a few barbs his way too. My bad, for which I am sorry to Robb.

    I was willing to just drop it today, but then Mike decided to verbally “pile on” this morning. Considering how disrespectful some of his previous comments have been, I have had enough of him. The fact that I considered him a friend before is what made it really hurtful. It saddens me, but I don’t have to sit here and be abused by him either.

    • In my experience and opinion it is dangerous to see online-people as friends. Ultimately, many people feel all-powerful behind their keyboard, and there are no real-life consequences to their online beheviour.
      Although I liked Mike’s comments and his humour, he was many times pushing the limits. A pitty you deleted the comment, because many of us are a bit confused now. But I do respect your decision and I will continue to follow this site, you are doing a wonderfull job.

  6. Well, phooey, I shall miss all the bantering between you, Mike, and w_seattle. Can’t tell you how many times you three have made me laugh! 🙂

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