September 10th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary   4 comments

I added a large position of SPXU at the end of trading today, for $20.77. I expect the technicals to line up tomorrow for a drop in the S&P 500.

As for my portfolio, gold and NNVC led me downwards:

GNW: 0.13 to $12.57 ( 1.05% , 34.15% overall)– bought at $9.37
IAU: -0.22 to $13.24 ( -1.63% , 1.15% overall)– bought at $13.09
NNVC: -1.31 to $3.45 ( -27.52% , 111.66% overall)– bought at $1.63
SPXU: 0.01 to $20.78 ( 0.05% , 0.05% overall)– bought at $20.77
YHOO: 0.24 to $29.48 ( 0.82% , 22.07% overall)– bought at $24.15

OVERALL: -1.30%


Posted September 10, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio, Portfolio Moves

4 responses to “September 10th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary

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  1. Ed, should we be buying nnvcd with it down 22% today on what appears to be a misunderstanding as to the reverse split?

    • Jeff, I guessed it was a misunderstanding as well. Individual investors looking at google finance and seeing it being up ~160%. But as Lynn posted today the company sold stock at 3.50. When that happens you can expect the share price to trade close to that price.

  2. “Message boards are also abuzz with the lack of clinical trials, and while NNVC has started procedures for an orphan drug, not enough treatments are being tested, and this costs the company investors’ appeal.”

    • The last trial results were reported January 15th. If investors expect clinical results every month, or even every 8 months, that isn’t realistic.

      That said, I will reiterate what I have said before: NNVCD is still to be treated as a penny stock, and any investments in it should be small. By small, I mean be prepared to lose it all. On the other hand, the fact they are even considering an exchange listing bodes well.

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