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I was a little surprised at the market’s “yawn” reaction to this bit of news (from All Things D):

Jean-Baptiste Queru, formerly of Google’s Android team, has left the company to join Yahoo.

His new role at Yahoo is architect and senior principal engineer on the company’s mobile team, according to LinkedIn, yet another in string of hires and acquisitions the company has made to bulk up its mobile team over the past year under CEO Marissa Mayer’s leadership.

Queru, who announced his move in a tweet on Tuesday, was formerly the Android Open Source Project tech lead, responsible for managing AOSP’s source code, among other duties.

Yahoo tweeted a confirmation on Tuesday morning.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean Google is dead, or that Yahoo will own the internet tomorrow. But it is an extremely significant talent hire for Yahoo.

More importantly, this could be an indicator of a possible future direction for Yahoo. Perhaps Yahoo releases their own open source code for mobile? Could Yahoo possibly go head-to-head with Google in the smartphone operating system arena? There are plenty of smartphone manufacturers (read: Samsung) that would love to see a competitor against Google’s Android (especially after Google’s Motorola acquisition).

The potential here is huge. Big enough that I doubled my Yahoo position at $29.60, raising my dollar cost average to $26.88.


Posted September 17, 2013 by edmcgon in Portfolio Moves

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