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And the winner in Ed’s “smartphone wars” is…


The LG Enact!

Ultimately, the difference between the LG Enact and Moto X came down to price, and the Enact won that battle easily. Enact is a larger, faster, and just plain better version of the LG Ally which I have used reliably for the past 2 years. This isn’t a knock against the Moto X, which is a wonderful smartphone. But for the price, SRP of $599 for the Moto X vs. $349 for the LG Enact, there was no competition. Add in the fact I was buying for 4 (including my wife and two kids), and price definitely becomes a much larger factor.

On a related note…


I award myself the bear. What the heck was I thinking, going into the Verizon store on the day Apple came out with new phones? At lunchtime, there was a line of people out the door. My wife and I left to run an errand, came back an hour later, and the store was still packed.

Anyway, that brings another fun week to a close. Enjoy your weekend open thread, where you can discuss any topic you like, and just enjoy your weekend!


Posted September 20, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Technology

3 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Aren’t I glad that I got rid of BBRY. Tanked 17% with a surprise Friday afternoon announcement.
    Joel, I hope you have got rid of them last month.

    BlackBerry Ltd to cut 4,500 jobs, announces close to $1-billion writedown

  2. Heyyyy Ed…

    Did you sign a 2 year contract or not??
    Just curious if the phone cost would be the same either way….

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