Update: NanoViricides (NNVCD)   7 comments

The recent run-up in NanoViricides (NNVCD) has been wonderful for my IRA and 401k, to the point where I sold 40% of the NNVCD in my IRA today, for $6.36. By doing this, I took out my initial investment, plus a little profit. Now I am just letting my profits ride in my IRA, otherwise known as “playing with the house’s money”.

I am still maintaining my 401k position as is. If the stock keeps running up, I might decide to take my initial stake out of the 401k too.

Here is the semi-final line on the stock I sold today:

NNVCD: +0.36 today, +3.82 overall to $6.36 (+6.00% today, +150.39% overall)–bought at $2.54


Posted September 24, 2013 by edmcgon in Portfolio Moves

7 responses to “Update: NanoViricides (NNVCD)

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  1. nice

  2. For a stock that you hope will be a 10 bagger and is a very small stake shouldn’t you let it all ride? Unless you think it will drop and are planning to repurchase on a dip. Your patience has certainly been rewarded on this one but selling a winner early especially for a long term stock selection seems like a classic individual investor mistake.

    Regardless still a fantastic pick.


    • Robb, there is always the chance I could be wrong. If I am, I only lose my profits.

      On the other hand, if it should drop low enough, I would consider buying more, assuming the drop wasn’t because of bad news.

      Truth be told, I think this recent run-up has been hugely overdone. As much as I love the stock, I question the market’s judgement on this move.

  3. knowing when to sell a stock is extremely difficult. you are already emotional about it as it is psychologically more painful to lose gains than the happiness you get from making gains. I place many of my stocks in a “do not sell” bucket (that is why I split my investing into three portfolios). Good gain on NNVCD, .

    • Thanks Marshall!

      I have to agree with your multiple portfolio approach, and especially the “do not sell” bucket. It forces an investment discipline on me, whereas a single portfolio can allow me to forget why I bought a stock in the first place, and then sell it too soon.

      Since I have had the two portfolios, it has really helped me with my discipline.

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