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Bloomberg: How Investors Lose 89 Percent of Gains from Futures Funds

There are two powerful lessons in the article above: First, avoid “managed futures” funds, which are rip-offs due to most profits getting consumed by fees; and second, beware of investment advisors, especially ones who recommend managed futures funds, since they are placing their own sales bonus ahead of your finances.

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Once Upon’ promo blunder: Snow White’s magic crotch!

Normally, I don’t really follow entertainment news. But since the ABC network is owned by Disney (DIS)…

ABC scored an accidental social media bullseye during Once Upon a Time last night. A pop-up animated graphic for the show’s Wonderland spin-off featured the White Rabbit making a magic portal in exactly the wrong spot — or the right one. The moment came just after Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) uttered the line: “You’re searching for something powerful enough to vanquish the queen.” Wonderland‘s White Rabbit, it seems, has a suggestion.

Nuff said! You get the gist. You can click on the link above if you want more.

Seriously, in the entertainment business, silly mistakes creating news is good PR, even if it is somewhat lewd. Ok, ESPECIALLY if it’s lewd! I see this as a positive for Disney, and for Disney stock by extension.

Fox News: Senate Dems craft proposal to raise debt limit as Reid, Boehner escalate feud

Frankly, I am bored of this story, but since it will influence the markets…

Senate Democrats on Monday quietly crafted no-strings-attached legislation to raise the nation’s debt limit as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner escalated their feud over the budget impasse.

The move by Democrats comes amid Republican insistence that any increase must include concessions on such fiscal matters as entitlement reform or other spending cuts.

The Senate proposal attempts to eliminate such fights until after the 2014 elections.

…the Republican-led House now appears unlikely to accept a deal.

Needless to say, China is not pleased

It is hard to take the government shutdown seriously when crap like this is happening:

CNS News: Government Buys $47,174 Mechanical Bull

The government shutdown may be keeping furloughed federal workers at home, but on Monday the U.S. Army contracted to buy a mechanical bull.

The $47,174 contract was awarded on Oct. 7 to Mechanical Bull Sales Inc. of State College, Penn.

According to the General Services Administration (GSA) listing, the National Guard of Utah made the request for a “bull which needs to be durable and low maintenance.”

This is one of those stories that is it’s own joke…


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