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I may not trade today unless the market goes up, so here is today’s weekend open thread for your amusement.

Singer Lou Reed died last Sunday, so it is only fitting I offer my favorite of his tunes. While he had several good songs, there was only one that will be forever associated with him in popular culture, and that is Walk on the Wild Side. It is hard to even say that phrase without thinking of Lou Reed:

Since it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t offer a cover, I found a rather strange one (although true to the original song) by a rather odd pair: Dave Stewart (formerly with the Eurythmics) and Vanessa Paradis (a French singer, better known as the former lover to Johnny Depp, as well as the mother of his two children). Unfortunately, you will have to go here to see it. While there is nothing wrong with their performance per se, they just look like two people who don’t belong on a stage together. Their performance feels uncomfortable.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Posted November 1, 2013 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread

3 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Ed, that cover is awesome!!!! Dave Stewart looks like a kid; must have been forever ago. I saw the Eurythmics in the mid-80s and on stage with bleached hair he looked a helluva lot older than he does in that video.

    Thanks for turning us on to that.

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