November 27th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary   2 comments

BIDU: -0.04 to $162.99 ( -0.02% , 5.15% overall)–bought at $155.00
GNW: 0.07 to $15.21 ( 0.46% , 62.33% overall)–bought at $9.37
MSFT: 0.25 to $37.60 ( 0.67% , 12.41% overall)–bought at $33.45
NDZ: -0.02 to $8.24 ( -0.24% , -4.74% overall)–bought at $8.65
NNVC: -0.03 to $4.63 ( -0.64% , 82.28% overall)–bought at $2.54
PVCT: 0.04 to $0.84 ( 5.00% , -9.68% overall)–bought at $0.93
YHOO: 0.32 to $36.96 ( 0.87% , 53.04% overall)–bought at $24.15

OVERALL: +0.28%

Last reminder: Markets are closed tomorrow, so I will return on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!


Posted November 27, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

2 responses to “November 27th: Ed’s Daily Portfolio Summary

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    If anyone buys one let us know.
    Busy week but I sold my upro. I’m in limbo again up or down we could go either way. Were in that area for wave 5 top, I didn’t like the pull back the other day to 1801 or 1799 ES. If we were going higher I’d expect a quick bullish move to the up side.

    Ok Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • They are definitely nice phones and, in our experience thus far [we live in the Bay Area], coverage is good. We were going to switch to Republic Wireless in October, but after buying the Motorola Defy, they announced the release of the Moto X in November. So, we returned the phones we’d bought (we were still within the one month trial period) and waited until the Moto X was released (we had no problems returning the phones or anything).

      Since there is a one month try it for basically free, you should give it/them a shot.

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