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Another week (and month) bites the dust, so it is time for another weekend open thread! Discuss whatever you like here…

As for me, I am talking about the best musical ads! Specifically, my favorite ads which use well-known songs in them.

1. Nissan’s use of Van Halen’s You Really Got Me: I don’t think Van Halen could have made a better music video for this song. Funny and hot.

2. Microsoft’s use of Alex Clare’s Too Close: No, I still won’t use Internet Explorer or Bing. In fact, this commercial worked out better for Alex Clare than it did for Microsoft. Whoever heard of him before this commercial? This song was originally released in April 2011, but it didn’t become a hit until Microsoft picked it for the ad a year later.

3. Honda’s use of Heart’s Barracuda: This one gets the “overkill” award. Barracuda to advertise a van? I suppose if you are trying to say vans are cool, this may be the best way to do it. Still, it is hard to go completely wrong with this song in your ad.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

PORTFOLIO UPDATE: Amazingly, my portfolio soundly trounced the indexes today, going up 0.81%, aided by huge days in BIDU (+2.20%), NNVC (+5.38%), MSFT (+1.41%), and PVCT (+1.79%).


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10 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. I finally finished posting Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar, and Istanbul to my web site. If you have insomnia a few minutes on my web site will put you to sleep or as one friend told me, “I always site down after a couple of drinks and read you.”


    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and if you went shopping today you scored the best price and survived the overall experience.

    Oh yes, sold another 1/5th of my Apple today. Leaves 2/5ths to sell.

    • Tom,
      You lucky SOB! You saw the Hagia Sophia! You may brag on the Blue Mosque, but remember, the Hagia was built over 1000 years earlier! Just from the pictures I’ve seen of Hagia, I’d call it one of the greatest structures ever built in human history.

  2. HeyEd,

    What are your thoughts on Industrial stocks? In particular ETN and HON?

    • ojunker,
      The economy isn’t showing the kind of strength to make industrials a play. However…

      HON has already had a nice run due to the surge in aerospace, which is one of the few industries to do quite well during the recent weak economy. I’m just not sure the upside risk here is worth the downside risk. If aerospace turns, HON will take a large hit because it is pricing in some growth. I see HON as a beneficiary of Federal Reserve largesse: As long as the Fed is pumping, HON will keep going up.

      ETN looks a lot like HON, but with a little more room for growth. Unfortunately, ETN will need to take market share from companies like HON. But the key statistic I see with ETN is the nearly 42% revenue growth. That is pretty big for a company their size. I don’t know if they can maintain that, but ETN is probably a better upside gamble than HON.

      If you are interested in ETN, I’d look for a small pullback to it’s 20 day MA, around $72. But I would also wait to see what the market does next week, so you don’t get drowned in a macro pullback.

  3. Also Ed do you have a list of stocks that you want to buy on a pullback in the market? If so what are some of your favorite tech names, besides GOOG and MSFT?

    • Actually, I’m taking a defensive view with my existing positions. I have a large cash position in my IRA, so I can double or triple some of my existing positions if the market takes a large drop. In my 401k, I can always add to my positions from my 401k donations, although I do have a small cash position there at the moment.

      The only other stock on my watchlist which I don’t currently own is Netflix, and it is hugely overpriced.

      • I am heavy in cash also at this point but have nibbled at EMC under $24 since I think they will rebound next year. Think your take on tech companies are good. Any thoughts on CTXS?

      • ojunker,
        Thanks for the compliment!

        CTXS is a tough call. The financials are clean (not even any debt), but Wall Street did not like their earnings report, even though they beat earnings estimates by a penny. They increased revenues by 11% yoy.

        But I’m not a fan of cloud companies, mainly because there is plenty of competition for them, including heavy hitters like Microsoft and Google. On top of this, they could be in direct competition with Amazon’s AppStream. Not a great place to be.

        Speaking of Google, CTXS recently announced they will be developing apps for the Google Glass. Even as a Google investor, I look at the Glass as “half empty” (I couldn’t resist that pun!). I may be wrong, and Glass will be the next big thing. But speaking as a guy who wears glasses for bad eyesight, I can’t see why people with good vision would want to wear them, and certainly not at $1k. As a tech geek, would I buy them? Maybe, if the price comes down significantly, and they can be used with my prescription lenses. Basically, I view this news as a wash. CTXS may make a fortune here, or they may be tossing a few bucks down the drain.

        Overall, I see CTXS as a solid company in an unenviable position. If I were going to buy them, I’d keep my position small, and see if they can hit a homerun. Otherwise, they will just be hitting singles and doubles, which limits your downside.

      • Ed

        I wouldn’t be buying any of these companies, except a small starter position in EMC, until their was a correction in the market and their prices came down.

        Are their any tech security stocks that catch your attention? Also these are my last two companies iI will ask about this week about this weekend:) GLW , on pullback in market, and VHC?

        Thanks Ed

      • Ojunker,
        GLW is one of the few stocks involved in tech that is cheap for expected growth. I suspect it is because of the negative levered free cash flow, although it isn’t negative enough to worry about. If the market is going to go up in December (I’d wait and see the market’s macro movement first), anywhere around the 20 day MA is a good buy for GLW.

        VHC is monstrously overpriced! Think of it like Tesla or Netflix: It may have a lot of unproven potential, but the market has already priced it to the moon. VHC has a higher PEG ratio than Netflix, if that tells you anything. Avoid VHC until it collapses. It needs another drop like it had in March before I’d even sniff at it.

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