December 3rd: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   3 comments

I must admit, I enjoyed the back-and-forth with Marshall on GTAT today. It was fun! Almost like a stock version of Siskel and Ebert…

BIDU: -1.61 to $167.05 ( -0.95% , 7.77% overall)– bought at $155.00
GNW: -0.26 to $15.14 ( -1.69% , 61.58% overall)– bought at $9.37
MSFT: -0.14 to $38.31 ( -0.36% , 14.53% overall)– bought at $33.45
NDZ: 0.01 to $8.24 ( 0.12% , -2.14% overall)– bought at $8.42
NNVC: -0.11 to $4.88 ( -2.20% , 92.13% overall)– bought at $2.54
PVCT: -0.03 to $0.91 ( -3.19% , -2.15% overall)– bought at $0.93
SPXU: -0.06 to $16.68 ( -0.36% , -0.36% overall)– bought at $16.74 today
YHOO: -0.45 to $36.56 ( -1.22% , 36.01% overall)– bought at $26.88

OVERALL: -0.38%


Posted December 3, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

3 responses to “December 3rd: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. I enjoyed too, and Trader had a great strategy that I’m gong to take a shot at tomorrow.

    Thanks all

  2. Jeff, I bought GTAT yesterday at $9.28 and sold the June $12.50 calls for $1. If you would like I will post how I handle this position. All I will be doing is watching the call prices and the technicals. If I think I can close the calls for +.25-.30 (thats my target but I will close for less depending upon the situation) and get an opportunity to resell the calls later for more, I will. If the stock price rallies a little and send the call price up or keeps it practically the same, I will just hold to expiration. If the shares are called at expiration, I will make 45.5%. Otherwise (assuming I hold without turning the calls until expiration) I will have a 10.7% “dividend” on my shares for 7 months and will reevaluate at that point.

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