December 5th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   2 comments

BIDU: -0.90 to $167.36 ( -0.53% , 7.97% overall)– bought at $155.00
GNW: -0.17 to $15.08 ( -1.11% , 60.94% overall)– bought at $9.37
MSFT: -0.94 to $38.00 ( -2.41% , 13.60% overall)– bought at $33.45
NDZ: -0.08 to $8.31 ( -0.95% , -1.31% overall)– bought at $8.42
NNVC: -0.25 to $4.65 ( -5.10% , 83.07% overall)– bought at $2.54
PVCT: 0.04 to $0.98 ( 4.26% , 5.38% overall)– bought at $0.93
SPXU: 0.18 to $16.92 ( 1.08% , 1.08% overall)– bought at $16.74 today (again)
YHOO: 0.74 to $38.87 ( 1.94% , 44.61% overall)– bought at $26.88

OVERALL: -0.23%


Posted December 5, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

2 responses to “December 5th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. Trader, Thank you for your analysis of the market.

    Ed, Be very very cautious going forward into next year on longs. Well everyone.
    What wave traders watch is there ES support levels. Right now we have busted through a few of them. If we were indeed in a wave 5 that peeked at 1813 than we shouldn’t have broke 1787 support. Everything I see lines up as we are going down. But what I like with the wave trading is you learn key support levels and know idea tops and bottoms to expect. So yes I own spxu but I didn’t mortgage the house on it. A bullish move through 1813 would tell me wave 5 hasn’t completed. I don’t expect that at this time.
    I am very young to wave trading but it is working for me. I could copy paste what ever I want but doesn’t mean I understand it. I follow a few youtube channels and that AVI guy I posted here once as well Ed, Trader, Jubak

  2. I agree with BillR and have been reducing my longs. I was 100% invested on Friday last week and am now 36% cash. I’d like to get to 50% before the fed announcement on the 18th.

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