Weekend Open Thread and Ed’s Year-end Awards: Top Songs of 2013   5 comments

Another week ends, but we are also nearing the end of 2013, so it is time for the annual awards edition of the weekend open thread.

This week, I offer the top three songs of 2013:

1. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke: Love it or hate it, this was one song you couldn’t avoid this year, having ranked 1 or 2 in 35 different charts worldwide. Maybe Robin Thicke should pay Miley Cyrus for helping to promote this song?

While the message of the lyrics is a bit strong, it is something to which most men can relate, in the sense we have all dated a woman at one point who sent us rather mixed signals. Lewis Corner at Digital Spy described this song best:

It’s a subject that when in the right hands can be smooth and soulful, but in the wrong, crass and chauvinistic.

Robin Thicke walks that fine line, leaving it a subjective matter as to which side he falls. I would almost say that if you ignore the music video, the song leans toward the “smooth and soulful”, but the music video definitely puts it into the “wrong, crass and chauvinistic” category. Ultimately, I regard it as a better song to listen to than watch, and isn’t that what music is supposed to be?

2. Work Bitch by Britney Spears: For all the controversy this song generated, it is actually a strong proponent of the “protestant work ethic”. While this song may be equally at home in aerobic sessions and dance floors, it still has a wonderfully polished sound and a good beat, and a positive message, in my opinion, although some may question the use of the “B” word.

3. Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha: What do you get if you mix a dance pop star (Ke$ha) with a rapper (Pitbull), and have them do a song with a strong country sound? Timber is the fun result of this collaboration.

Feel free to give me your own ideas for best song of the year. And have a great weekend!

PORTFOLIO UPDATE: My IRA finished the day ahead of the indexes with a 0.46% profit.


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5 responses to “Weekend Open Thread and Ed’s Year-end Awards: Top Songs of 2013

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  1. Show you that the insurance industry should have never trusted working with this current adm.

    A very raw but not surprising deal:


  2. An interview in WSJ with Keith Richards.


    The sound isn’t the best but my favorite video is the 3rd one — its live.

  3. Ed, thanks for the music and videos. I almost never watch videos I think because I believe music should stand on its own not a visual with the music as a backdrop. Having said that, I enjoyed the song and the video by Pitbull and Ke$ha. I hadn’t heard this song so thanks for bringing it to my attention. If Spears’ song is about a work ethic then I would say the video destroyed the song. Then again, I am not a Spears fan. As for Thicke, I have enjoyed this song for a while but don’t think the video does anything for the song unless you are a 20 year old male.

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