December 19th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   5 comments

BIDU: -1.10 to $170.39 ( -0.64% , 9.93% overall)– bought at $155.00
GNW: 0.14 to $15.28 ( 0.92% , 63.07% overall)– bought at $9.37
GWPH: -0.50 to $32.70 ( -1.51% , -0.76% overall)– bought at $32.95
NDZ: -0.02 to $8.51 ( -0.23% , 1.07% overall)– bought at $8.42
NNVC: -0.13 to $5.22 ( -2.43% , 105.51% overall)– bought at $2.54
PVCT: -0.04 to $1.44 ( -2.70% , 54.84% overall)– bought at $0.93
YHOO: 0.16 to $40.20 ( 0.40% , 49.55% overall)– bought at $26.88

OVERALL: -0.26%


Posted December 19, 2013 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

5 responses to “December 19th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. Is anyone else having trouble with Yahoo finance? Everytime I enter the site, it completely freezes my browser and I have to ctrl alt delete to close the Internet Explorer and then reopen in a different window. This has been going on to varying degree but now its reached the point where the site is completely inaccessible.

    Any solutions, Yahoo used to be one of my preferred sites but now I’m afraid to go there?

    • Thanks for everyone’s input. I think I’m going to have to try Google Chrome. The only rub is that I have all my favorites and passwords automated on IE and switching would or will be a very big pain.

  2. I have had intermittent trouble, not as serious as you. I am using google chrome. I did actually toy around this morning in moving my portfolio tracking to google or Morningstar as I am getting fed up with yahoo finance problems.

    • I have been using google chrome to track my stocks and it is working well so far. There are times the quotes are delayed but overall performance is good.

  3. Well I tried it with IE and the main finance page was fine, but when I went to my portfolio it locked up.
    I normally use FireFox and it doesn’t lock up, but I notice it is doing a constant update of that page.
    It might have something to do with the new tie into SigFig to get portfolio information.

    Chrome seems be most well behaved of the web browsers on that page, but I notice that even with it, it is consuming a lot of CPU time.

    My guess is the web page is constantly running code, and each web browser manifests the bad code in a different manner.

    I remember reading that Yahoo has been having problems for quite awhile now.
    Frankly I think they are having “quality development” problems.

    I also frequent the comics, and have experienced long periods of time where those pages don’t work right, or are just plain not updating.

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