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Short trading day today, so you can do other stuff, like remembering the importance of Christmas in American history:

America(hat tip to Memebase for the pic)

Fox News: Rise of Snapchat: Do you want an erasable Internet?

This may be the dumbest article ever posted on a news website:

As Google’s share price soars beyond $1,100, it seems like nothing can stop the Internet juggernaut as its land grab strategies continue to win over the eyes of its users and the wallets of its advertising clients.

But an analysis published over the weekend by The Wall Street Journal’s Farhad Manjoo raises an interesting question surrounding a new business model that could someday lead to Google’s downfall. Do we want an erasable Internet?

Companies like Google and Facebook have built an Internet based on permanence. You send messages, search for things, share status updates, post photos, visit places, and so on, and these companies store all of that data and use it to make money. Oversimplified though it may be, this explanation of Google and Facebook’s businesses explain why the idea of a product like Snapchat is extremely dangerous for these companies.

In a nutshell, Snapchat is the polar opposite of Google and Facebook. Your data isn’t saved and used to sell ads — it is erased almost immediately, never to be seen again. And so Manjoo poses an extremely important question: “Do we want to live on that Erasable Internet, the Snapchat Internet, instead of the Internet built by Facebook and Google?”

Really? So businesses and schools and bloggers and everyone really wants to have their websites disappear after 7 seconds? An argument can be made that Snapchat threatens social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but Google? Google is so much more than just it’s social media part.

While there is a place on the internet for applications like Snapchat, let’s not go overboard. This is like suggesting that McDonald’s McRib sandwich is going to drive all the barbecue restaurants out of business. Get real. This article gets the bear:



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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS Ed, and everyone else who contributes their knowledge here. This ole boy really appreciates what all you do to help me..

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