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Welcome to another weekend open thread! Feel free to discuss any topic you like here.

As for me, I would like to offer you a little temptation. More specifically, five of them: The Temptations, one of my favorite Motown groups. Here are my favorite three of their songs:

1. Papa Was a Rolling Stone (1973): Ironically, Papa was a cover by The Temptations, originally done a year earlier by a Motown group called “The Undisputed Truth”. Who knows what happened to them, but The Temptations had a number 1 hit with the song, as well as winning 3 Grammy Awards. I consider it one of the best songs to ever come out of Motown:

2. I Can’t Get Next to You (1969): Instead of the original, which I am sure most of us have heard, I offer you a rather good cover by Annie Lennox from 1995:

3. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (1966): Some people would probably pick My Girl as one of the top three Temptations’s songs, and it is a nearly perfect melody. The lyrics are just a bit too sappy for my tastes. I’ll take Ain’t Too Proud instead. But here is a special video treat: An actual promo video which the Rolling Stones did for their cover back in 1974 (good quality video too):

Enjoy your weekend folks!

PORTFOLIO UPDATE: My IRA was down 0.15% today.


Posted January 3, 2014 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread

9 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Ed – your discussion of Motown made me think of the Broadway play Motown. I saw it in NYC right before Christmas with my family. Very entertaining, though it was much more than just music. it delved into racism (the label was owned by a black man and had predominately black artists). While I like the Temptations, my favorite Motown artists are Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

    • Marshall,
      Stevie Wonder is a talent “above” music. Few musicians are in his league.

      Gaye was very good, no doubt, but I would lean towards the Temptations, basically for how well they synchronized and worked together. Also, I just liked their songs better.

  2. Ed,
    This article is especially for you!
    Want better returns? Hire a good-looking CEO

    • George,
      I think that’s a “cart before the horse” observation. Good-looking people certainly get opportunities that evade ugly people. But reaching the level of CEO takes a bit more. Even a good-looking person with talent and a lot of hard work can still fall flat on their face once they reach the top. That said, a beautiful person would have some advantages in a CEO role, assuming they have the “right stuff”.

      However, looks don’t assure success, and lack of looks don’t assure failure. Just look at Warren Buffett, nobody’s pretty child, or Sam Walton, or Jack Welch.

      As for the significant mention of Marissa Mayer in the article, her looks may have helped her get the Yahoo job, and they may even help her in it. But that wasn’t why I bought Yahoo when they hired her. I knew Yahoo had plenty of locked-in value for any new CEO to take advantage of. The key with Mayer was she was nothing like any of Yahoo’s hires over the last decade. She wasn’t a Wall Street insider, nor was she a recycled CEO from another company. But the real key for me: She had “geek” cred, comparable to previous CEO’s like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I won’t say she is comparable to those giants yet, but she is certainly closer than somebody like Carol Bartz.

      • Ed – Agree with you totally. And I’m still waiting to get into YHOO – but it seems like it may have ran away from me. What do you think?

      • George,
        At the moment, it looks like the best price you may get for it would be around $37. Maybe initiate a small position there, and hope for a larger market drop later?

  3. Ed

    I am looking at starting a small position in an Latin/South American etf fund. They have been punished in the last year and I think it may be undervalued.

    ILF is the granddaddy of etf funds but it has 50% of it fund in Brazil

    AND is more interesting as it is mainly Colombia, Peru and chile much more healthy economies. The only thing is it seems to be thinly traded.

    GML is similar to ilf but also thinly traded.

    What etf between ilf or and do you think would be more interesting?

    • Here is a related article on Latin America from wsj


    • Ojunker,
      AND and GML are both a bit more balanced than ILF, which is over 12% in America Movil (AMX). Sadly, both AND and GML have too little volume to even consider them.

      May I suggest an alternative approach? Buy AMX. If people start buying ILF, or EWW which is a Mexico-based etf, the etf’s will have to add AMX. On top of that, you get a stock which will benefit from growth in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Finally, you also get a decent dividend from a solid company. Carlos Slim can’t be completely wrong, right?

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