Ed’s Daily Notes for January 9th   12 comments

Fox News: Alaska group takes steps to legalize marijuana

A citizens’ group hoping to make Alaska the third state in the nation to legalize recreational use of marijuana took a step closer Wednesday, submitting more than 46,000 signatures to the state election office.

If enough signatures are verified — they need about 30,000 qualified signatures — the question of whether to make pot legal in the nation’s northernmost state will go before voters in the Aug. 19 primary. Signatures must come from at least 7 percent of voters in at least 30 House districts.

Admittedly, Alaska is a baby step toward broad marijuana legalization. But every bit helps.

The Telegraph: Could you survive a week with no internet?

The article above is by a guy who took a challenge to spend a week without the internet. He makes some interesting points, but I can’t say I would want to take that challenge. As a person who gets bored easily, and I can’t stand being bored, the internet is a godsend for me.


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12 responses to “Ed’s Daily Notes for January 9th

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  1. I just sold 1/3 of my TRTC and my PHOT. They were both up nearly 400% from where I bought them. I sold all my CBIS a couple days ago for a double. If I had waited until today, it also would have been up 400% (I’m not complaining, just saying) and it looks like it’s going to trade 100 million shares again today. Having seen penny stocks run up like this in the past, not done anything and lost everything, I’m learning.

    • Well played. Stocks like these are definitely trades not investments. They can fall just as fast.

    • QD,
      I don’t blame you, and very well played!

    • Anyone interested (or owns) PHOT should look at this article.

      • Thanks for sharing that Chris. That’s a must-read for any PHOT owners.

      • Glad I sold my 30% before this came out. It’s taking TRTC down with it, but not CBIS much – which is odd, as CBIS seemed the weakest of the bunch. Still for PHOT, if it’s so shady, how does that explain the former MSFT and YHOO exec recently becoming their prez?

      • And Bernie Madoff used to be chairman of the Nasdaq. A few years ago, economist Art Laffer (of Laffer Curve fame) was on the board of directors of a Chinese company (NIVS Intellimedia) that later got into trouble for accounting discrepencies (the executives diverted money from their IPO into their personal funds). The moral of the story: Don’t get too caught up in resumes. 😉

        Seriously, you do have a valid point. Hegyi has a stellar resume, even if it isn’t in PHOT’s business. Just don’t ignore information that runs contrary to your investing analysis.

  2. Thank you, gentlemen!

  3. I am getting killed on CTRP. It is down 27% in 5 days due the news that its competitor, QUNR, taking its market share.

    • Lynn,
      The worst part about that is that CTRP could drop a whole lot more. I don’t know enough about the Chinese travel industry to even hazard a guess here, but if the threat from QUNR is legitimate, CTRP could even drop another 50% from the current price. Unless you know that industry, I’d eat my losses and get out now.

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