Ed’s Daily Notes for January 15th   8 comments

ABC News: Dozens of Trade-Offs in $1.1 Trillion Budget Bill

It looks like the U.S. budget battles are over, at least temporarily:

A massive $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government through October and finally put to rest the bitter budget battles of last year is getting generally positive reviews from House Republicans eager to avoid another shutdown crisis with elections looming in 10 months.

My guess is this was the primary reason for yesterday’s market pop. We’ll see if it holds up, or if the markets move to the next thing.

Bloomberg: Netflix Is Caught Between a DVD and a Hard Place

Above is a good article by Meg McArdle on Netflix, which points out the limitations of Netflix. I still have Netflix on my stock watchlist, but I doubt I will be able to buy it until after the market has a major correction.

Fox News: Alinea chef considers ‘baby ban’ after guests bring infant to upscale restaurant

Grant Achatz, chef of Alinea, sparked a debate about the appropriateness of bringing children to upscale restaurants after he tweeted that a couple brought their infant to his Chicago restaurant on Saturday.

Diners at Alinea were reportedly further put off when the 8-month-old baby started bawling.

The couple reportedly had a baby-sitter cancel at the last minute but decided to go to the restaurant anyway, according to WMAQ-Channel 5 news.

As the article later notes, Alinea has a “ticket-based, no refund reservation system, where diners must pay between $210 and $265 up front for the tasting-menu-only dinner –not including tax, tip or drinks.”

My opinion? When my wife and I had our kids, we intentionally avoided taking them out to restaurants when they were infants. Even when they were toddlers, we only took them to fast-food restaurants. The idea of taking an infant to an upscale restaurant just strikes me as self-centered on the part of the parents. Restaurants aren’t made for infants, and anyone who has ever been trapped in a restaurant with a crying baby should realize this.

The article asks whether infants should be banned from upscale restaurants. I would say yes. I would even go so far as to say it should be up to the proprietor of the restaurant as to whether they allow infants, or even young children. What do you folks think?


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8 responses to “Ed’s Daily Notes for January 15th

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  1. Pretty straight forward. It should be up to the owners of the restaurant to decide their policy on infants and kids. We can all vote with our feet or dollars.

  2. OK, TC-PT is up again today. Its’ still down 50%+ from where I bought it but I am thinking the bottom is definitely in. They also have come through on their Mt. Milligan production. Currently at .29 and I’m thinking of putting in a bid at .27 to double. Somebody call me stupid please!!

    • Not stupid Jeff. In many respects they still look very cheap. I definitely felt better with ML moving to Buy and initiating a $7 price target. But I would feel even better if TC management would comment on guidance for cash flows in 2014 and ability to meet debt obligations.

    • Thanks Marshall I’m going to put in a bid. With the economy starting to improve I think TC is a safer bet at these prices.

  3. sorry bumped the wrong key. I’m down 15% from my original position on TC-PT

  4. very sorry for this am’s gibberish. Had to increase the font size so I get the right line. Current tc-pt price is about 15 and my cost is about 17.20. I will stop posting now but my question remains the same. Should I double my TC-PT

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