Sell Yahoo (YHOO)   7 comments

I gave my reasons for selling Yahoo (YHOO) in my daily notes post. Suffice it to say, it is sold now, at $40.50. The final line on it:

YHOO: -0.57 today, +13.62 overall to $40.50 (-1.39% today, +50.67% overall)–bought at $26.88


Posted January 16, 2014 by edmcgon in Portfolio Moves

7 responses to “Sell Yahoo (YHOO)

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  1. A very nice profit and I think your logic on the sell was well thought out.

  2. Good gain, nicely done. Looks like coo did even better, working a bit more than one year for $60 million.

    • Know that is a salary I would come out of retirement for. I do believe most executives are overpaid and no I don’t believe in income redistribution but just what did the above COO contribute that was worth $60M and at the same time got him fired.

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. Well done.


  5. Yahoo’s Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh departs company

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