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Today’s unexplained jump* in NanoViricides (NNVC) is a good chance for me to do something I have been meaning to do, which is sell it from my 401k. Although I consider NNVC a long-term position like the rest of my 401k, I would actually prefer having another dividend stock in there. This is also a good price for me to take my NNVC money off the table, letting me “play with the house’s money” with the remaining position in my IRA.

I should mention that both my 401k and IRA positions are of equal sizes. If you take their dollar cost averages, $3.53 in my 401k and $2.54 in my IRA, that works out to a dollar cost average for both at $3.035, which means I can sell 50% at $6.07. I actually did a little better than that, selling my 401k position at $6.32 today.

Here is the final “monthly” line from my 401k:

NNVC: +1.32 this month, +2.79 overall to $6.32 (+26.40% this month, +79.04% overall)–bought at $3.53

*This silly article from The Street was all I could find. If this is the reason for a 10% pop today, so be it…

Posted January 17, 2014 by edmcgon in 401(k), Portfolio Moves

4 responses to “Update: NanoViricides (NNVC)

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  1. This has been and I hope continues to be a long term big winner for you. Great call on your original buy.

  2. I thought you had a small position that you were just going to let ride?
    You made money but has anything about NNVC’s potential changed other than the stock price?


    • Robb,
      Not a darned thing! On the bright side, I already got every penny I invested out of it, so I don’t care! It can go to the moon, or crash through the floor! Either way, I’m just fine! 🙂

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