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Another week ends, so you folks know the drill: open thread, discuss whatever you like, and I’ll throw out something to get the conversation started.

This week, I have some sad news to report: After 39 years of marriage, the Captain & Tennille are getting divorced. In my view, what makes that sad is there is only one song they did which has really stood the test of time: Love Will Keep Us Together.

While this song has been covered by a lot of artists, the best cover goes to Wilson “In the Midnight Hour” Pickett. He is the only one who gave it some funk:

Our winner of the “William Shatner Award” for most embarrassingly bad cover of the song goes to Mae West and Timothy Dalton, from the 1978 movie Sextette. If you feel like inflicting musical torment on your ears, here is the link to the song. As for the movie, I won’t be watching it…

Speaking of Love Will Keep Us Together and covers, I have to give some credit to Neil Sedaka, who co-wrote Love Will Keep Us Together. Sedaka is one of the few artists to cover their own song later, AND to nail it the second time. Specifically, I am referring to his hit Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. Originally released as a doo-wop song in 1962, Sedaka re-recorded it as a ballad in 1975. Even though the 1962 version was a big hit, it was one of those songs where the musical tempo didn’t match the lyrics. By doing it as a ballad, Sedaka gave the lyrics their rightful seriousness, and creating a beautifully sad song in the process:

And a sad song is an appropriate way to end this week, after the carnage in the markets. I won’t promise next week will be better, but it should be interesting, with the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday. See you Monday for more stock market fun! I’m trying to be chipper, I really am…

IRA PORTFOLIO UPDATE: How is this for blowing out the indexes? My IRA was down 0.08%. Much nicer than yesterday.


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  1. Looking at some of my holdings, SLW and RDS.A, these are the two with a beta closest to 1.00. I’m assuming that 1.0 is perfect correlation to the S&P500. SLW was .98 and RDS.A was 1.08. This surprised me. Why would a silver stock correlate to the S&P500? Is this surprising to anyone, or am I misinterpreting this? If SLW is so close, why hold it? Why not buy SPY and collect a higher dividend (albeit not much higher)? RDS.A has a higher dividend, so perhaps a case can be made there.

    • John,
      SLW, and silver, tend to follow the dollar’s movements to an extent. The same is true for the S&P 500. It isn’t a perfect correlation, but as you can tell it’s awfully close. That said, when silver is going up, SLW will blow out the S&P, and vice versa. You’d be better off holding SLW when silver is in an upward trend.

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