Ed’s Monthly Portfolio Summary for January 2014   Leave a comment

On this rather crappy start of the trading month day, here is something to cheer you up: my monthly results! Ok, so maybe they just cheer me up…

One change this month: I am dumping JUBAX as a benchmark, and replacing it with the Nasdaq Composite Index. Since I do a lot of tech trading, the Nasdaq is a more appropriate benchmark for me. Also, let’s be honest: JUBAX has been tanking.

Without further ado, here are the January results:

Ed’s Overall: +2.48%
Ed’s IRA: +1.31%
Ed’s 401k: +4.05%
S&P 500: -3.56%
ACWI (all-world index): -4.63%
Nasdaq: -1.74%

In my 401k, my monthly results were lifted by my largest holding’s great month. Google rocks!

DIS: -3.79 to $72.61 ( -4.96% , 15.68% overall)– bought at $62.77
GOOG: 60.26 to $1,180.97 ( 5.38% , 35.23% overall)– bought at $873.31
JTP: -0.14 to $7.79 ( -1.77% , -1.77% overall)– bought at $7.93
MSFT: 0.43 to $37.84 ( 1.15% , 2.66% overall)– bought at $36.86
SAN: -0.43 to $8.64 ( -4.74% , 0.00% overall)– bought at $8.64

Finally, the January daytrades in my IRA were less-than-stellar (translation: I sucked). Although 4 out of 7 were profitable, those 3 losers held me down to a 1.2% overall loss for the month. One thing I have to remember: Daytrading is a no-called strikes game. If you don’t swing, nothing bad happens.

Overall, I am pleased with the results. But I view January as more than a little lucky for me. GWPH helped my IRA significantly, because it was a full position and went up 35% in January. I won’t get that kind of assist every month, especially not if we are going into a cyclical bear market, like I suspect.


Posted February 3, 2014 by edmcgon in 401(k), Portfolio

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