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I was going to wait for NanoViricides’ (NNVC) formal response to the allegations from the anonymously written Seeking Alpha article before deciding whether to sell or hold it. Unfortunately, the sharks are smelling the blood in the water, as 4 separate law firms have already begun “investigations” (read: they are chasing the ambulances). Even if the allegations are unfounded, a small company like NNVC can’t afford a large class action lawsuit and still have the time and money they need for research. Sadly, I think the best course of action is to sell it and walk away.

On the bright side, since the shares I have left are all profit (due to my last sale), it’s all good. I sold my remaining shares at $3.13. The final line on it:

NNVC: -0.35 today, +0.59 overall to $3.13 (-10.06% today, +23.23% overall)–bought at $2.54


Posted February 13, 2014 by edmcgon in Portfolio Moves

5 responses to “Sell NanoViricides (NNVC)

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  1. Have you learned any lessons thru “investing” in nNVC, PVCT aNd the like that may cause you to trade differently going forward?

    • Uhm … I do not understand your criticism
      – Ed got a lot of profit in this stock
      – he knew what the company was doing
      – he always underlined it was a “penny-stock” (i.e. risky bussiness)
      – investigations can happen to the “best” stocks and even the best stocks can go to zero. Look at Enron, Lernout&Hauspie (Belgium), Lehman Brothers …
      I think Ed did very well with this one. If you like to critize Ed, I think you have to be at his daytrading, there he is gambling too much.

    • Lownbrow,
      My lesson is obvious: Getting my initial investment out of a penny stock is imperative. I did it with both NNVC and PVCT, and I was still able to walk away with good profits after the you-know-what hit the fan.

  2. Sorry meant nothing negative by tone, just didn’t know if he’d do anything differently going forward.

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