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Happy Valentine’s Day/weekend folks! Here is your usual open thread, for whatever interests you to discuss.

This weekend, I would like to offer a valentine to the actress whom I consider one of the great villainess portrayers ever…Glenn Close!

Certainly, Glenn has had her share of “good girl” roles, including the classic Jagged Edge. But today, I offer a valentine to her most deliciously evil roles, the ones which show her to be a true Zen mistress at the art of being bad!


1. Damages (2007-2012): If you haven’t seen this tv show yet, you have missed Glenn Close’s pièce de résistance of evil. Fortunately, you can catch it on Netflix, and I highly recommend you do. While I don’t normally watch legal dramas, Damages is far and away the best of the genre, and Close is what makes it click. Playing the manipulative lawyer Patty Hewes, Close is playing a brutal game of legal and psychological chess with everyone around her as her pawns.


2. Fatal Attraction (1987): Evil comes in many forms, and one of them is psychotic. Glenn Close’s Alex Forrest is every cheating husband’s worst nightmare: the one night stand who happens to be insane. The beauty of Close’s performance is how believable she makes it. In the beginning, she seems like a flirty, sexy woman, coming on to Michael Douglas in an innocent yet provocative way. By the end, she is chewing the scenery in a manner reminiscent of Jack Nicholson’s performance in The Shining.

Cruella de vil

3. 101 Dalmatians (1996): Finally, there is the cartoonish evil, the kind which gives little kids nightmares. I was reminded of this when my wife and I started watching Damages. My 16 year-old daughter walked in and saw Glenn Close on the tv, and said, “She looks familiar. Where do I know her from?” I told her it was Glenn Close, which didn’t ring a bell to her, so I rattled off a list of Close’s roles. When I got to 101 Dalmatians, my daughter lit up with anger, “Oh yeah! She killed the puppies!” Well, she didn’t actually kill the puppies, but she certainly wanted to! And Close’s Cruella De Vil certainly made kids hate her, and isn’t that what a good villain should do?

Enjoy your weekend folks, and try not to eat too much chocolate!

PORTFOLIO UPDATE: My IRA dropped 0.26% today.


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20 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. If you needed more persuasion: Just another beautiful example how the European Union works and why it is impossible to work like this in the long run:
    GDF Suez acquired Electrabel some years ago. Electrabel its market is (only) Belgium. French government is major shareholder of GDF Suez. GDF Suez, as mother-company, was so nice to sell gas in 2012 to Electrabel for the double of the market-price. So a lot of Belgian money went to French government.

    Another example was Dexia (French/Belgian bank, with governments amajor shareholder) some years ago: most of Dexia’s toxic products were localized in France, with a lot of savings in Belgium. First Dexia depleted the Belgian savings to cover for the French toxic products. When Dexia went bust, France forced Belgium to take 50% state guarantee, and France 50% too.

    France is trying to suck Belgium dry in any way possible – and we are as weak to allow this. Does this look like a healthy environment to work together for the greater project of a United Europe? I am pretty sure it works elsewhere in Europe the same way. Our words say we want to work together, but our deeds say different.

  2. Plastronneke, you and Belgium are not alone in a sinking boat.


    Belgium is only in 5th place with Japan, Ireland, UNITED STATES, and Singapore in front of Belgium.

  3. Ed, I know 😦
    Only our politicians and media think the crisis is gone – or they can lie pretty good. So I think your media is bullish about EU too, so I keep repeating the problems I see here.

    You in the US have some big advantages compared to Belgium: US is self-sufficient in energy and food (or at least I think you can be), you have more flexible labor-laws and your population is less aged.

    • plas,
      You’re forgetting the big advantage the U.S. has: We can print our own money, and our currency is the world’s reserve currency. That places a premium on our worthless currency. Think tulips. 😉

      • True, but I also think your world-reserve currency status is coming to an end and a whole lot of dollars are coming home, as well as US-bonds. While I do not think this situation will occur in the next few years, I see this as a possibility in the next 10-20 years. So in the long-run I rule this one out as advantage.
        For Europe’s currency, I really have no idea which will it be: Euro, North/South Euro, each own currency, another country’s reserve currency, gold, or something else – it all depends on how this lunatic-democracy will turn out. But I do see the next fase coming, PIIGS are on the edge of there possibilities in the current system and Germany’s economy is starting to get crippled. Something’s gotta give.

      • Ed – it is easy to bash the US. But I truly believe we are a great nation and that we have many advantages (besides reserve currency) over other developed countries. We are extremely innovative and have developed many of the greatest products in the world. We have a very good transportation system. We have great natural resources and are on the verge of being energy independent. Many of the best and brightest from over countries immigrate to the US because there are far better opportunities here. Then for a developed country, the US is still relatively inexpensive. Go to the UK, go to Singapore, go to Switzerland. It is much more expensive. And while it is popular to bash our education system; I believe we have one of the best college and university systems in the world. I don’t mean to ramble, but having lived in 3 other countries, I can tell you first hand that we have a great nation.

      • Marshall,
        I think that Americans tend to take our greatness for granted, especially when compared to other countries.

        Compared to Europe, we look great, but Europe is a socialist nightmare.

        Compared to Asia, we look great, but most countries there are emerging markets. Japan is the exception, and they are the posterboy for failed Keynesian economics.

        Don’t even get me started on Africa or South America…

        Being the “prettiest girl in the room” does not make a girl pretty, just like being the greatest in the world doesn’t make us great. We need to keep working at it.

  4. Ed or anyone,

    Since sometimes we like to take a flyer on a spec stock any comments on this article?


  5. Ed, my wife and I will agree with you on Close and her show Damages. She is absolutely evil.

  6. Ed, thanks for adding another thing I must do everyday — can’t miss Flixxy’s recommendations.

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