Happy President’s Day! Ed’s Daily Notes for February 17th   13 comments


With the holiday today, all U.S. markets will be closed, which means I will be getting the “market withdrawal shakes” later this morning…

For the week ahead, the big event will be the release of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee minutes from their last meeting on January 29th. The minutes will be released on Wednesday.

For earnings reports, here is this week’s schedule:

TUESDAY: Coca-Cola (KO), Waste Management (WM), Fluor Corp. (FLR), Flowserve Corp. (FLS)
WEDNESDAY: Tesla Motors (TSLA)
THURSDAY: Wal-Mart (WMT), Priceline.com (PCLN), Express Scripts (ESRX), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), DIRECTV (DTV)
FRIDAY: Dish Network (DISH)

Business Week: Three Ways Comcast Can Win the Future of TV

The article above discusses how Comcast (CMCSA) is well-positioned to become the future of television. They are also well-positioned as a long-term dividend play, having raised their dividend 6 times beginning in 2009, with a payout ratio of only 30%, and good cash flow to potentially increase their dividend more. There is nothing I like more for long-term positions than a combination of growth and dividend, so I am adding CMCSA to my watchlist and looking for a market pullback to bring it down some.

I will add that I am a Comcast customer, and I have had a good experience with their service. However, I also know plenty of people who have had nightmare experiences with them. Your mileage may vary…

Consider this an extra open thread for today. Discuss what you like.


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13 responses to “Happy President’s Day! Ed’s Daily Notes for February 17th

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  1. Bobb,
    You wanted my opinion on a list of stocks, so here goes:

    VNRX: Typical young biotech from a financial perspective. Could be worth a small position.

    XPLR: Selling tablets, even extra-sturdy tablets, is a dangerous field to play in. If they get too successful, don’t think companies like Samsung or Apple won’t be trying to enter their niche. I think their upside is limited.

    XPLT: This one has potential, although the negative levered free cash flow concerns me. I’d need to dig into the financials to figure out what is going on there, especially when they are showing profitable and growing operations.

    ICTL: It’s hard for me to get excited about an infomercial company. This is another one bleeding levered free cash flow for no apparent reason.

    ALXXF: It looks good financially, but it already has some growth priced into it. I would need to take a closer look at their products before I would buy. Are they superior to other companies in the home/business security industry?

    VRYAF: The financials are fairly clean, although I’d like to see some free cash flow. I don’t really know their business very well.

    OPCO: What is it with otherwise profitable companies being unable to generate positive levered free cash flow? Here is another case of it. I like their patents though.

    IVFH: Yet another negative levered free cash flow company. That said, the stock looks cheap, but I suspect it is because specialty foods isn’t a moated industry. When Amazon is hopping into your little playground, you have real problems.

  2. Thanks Ed! See that didn’t even take you all day!

  3. The average person in Brazil will need to pay a month’s wages to buy an iPhone 5s:


  4. Ed, You had mentioned an Anti-Virus program that you said did not slow down your Computer. I am looking for a replacement for my Norton Software that is constanly slowing me down. Could you please tell me again what your Software is again ?? Thanks again. Steve

    • Until some idiot shows up again. Shelves are full of ammo in most calibers. Exception is 22 LR. It is available but expensive. When it is sitting on the shelves at Walmart the price will come down.

  5. I’m both a Comcast and Verizon FIOS customer. I have high-speed Internet and VOIP phone for each. I don’t have TV for either. The quality of the Internet and VOIP is stellar for FIOS. Comcast is just good enough not to cancel, but it’s pretty frustrating as my connection bounces all day long. I’d be curious to know what percentage of Comcast’s revenue is TV versus other. The TV business seems to be going away a la Hulu/Netflix/etc., or at least changing. I guess one key question is whether Comcast can adapt much like the phone companies had to do when their land line business started drying up.

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