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Another weekend is upon us, and so is another weekend open thread, where you can discuss any topic you like.

To get the ball rolling, I offer a rather silly topic: my favorite cartoon theme song. And here is my winner:

Mind you, I am not talking about favorite cartoon. Super Chicken was an ok cartoon, but the theme song was better than the show, in my humble opinion.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and I’ll see you back here Monday for another fun-filled week of market hijinx.


Posted March 7, 2014 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread, Television

10 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Sorry Ed but its Underdog!

    • I’m with you Ojunker, love that old song and cartoon.

      Daily P/C ratio and volume

      DIA:1.54, 50.7K
      QQQ:1.16, 419K
      SPY: 1.61, 1.87MIL
      IWM: 2.62, 338K

  2. This one made me laugh today:
    Be careful with Superglue

  3. Ed, I always enjoy your music choice and I guess I will say I enjoy this one because it is only 28 seconds long. Next week I might not be so critical because I am currently in recovery from spending five days with four grand boys at Mardi Grau. And the oldest is only 12 so none of them took me out for a drink.

  4. Marshall, the grouping of insurance companies MET,CB,ACE,LNC is MET your favorite out of that group? I take it with your background that you feel that ins. companies may be in the sweet spot the next few years?

  5. Ed – Couldn’t agree more. Still sing this regularly, to my husband’s chagrin. Also love George of the Jungle song – watch out for that tree!!!!!! If you ever do old TV show songs, F-Troop has to be up there.

  6. Barron’s has a positive write up on MET this weekend

  7. marshall,

    Thanks for your write up on the RSI indicator. Very useful, that.

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