Weekend Open Thread   2 comments

As this week comes to a close, time to put up the weekend open thread, where you can discuss whatever you like.

For this weekend, I only have one song for you. I was listening to Londonbeat’s I’ve Been Thinking about You last weekend on the radio, and it just struck me as a much better song than I thought it was when it was first released, back in 1990. It has a nice and breezy R&B sound:

Enjoy your weekend folks!

IRA PORTFOLIO UPDATE: I beat the indexes again, up 0.07%.


Posted March 14, 2014 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread

2 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. I think someone mentioned RIG this past week, I am wondering what peoples opinions are on the stock. I know that drillers are all being hit hard right now. If you are willing to hold for a year or two would this be a decent bet with a dividend of over 5%. Hard to believe this in past 5 years this stock was as high as $95 and in last 10 years was at $187!

  2. Actually ESV is probably the best of the group but least talked about.

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