March 26th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   1 comment

Another easy day to beat the indexes with mostly cash:

EUM: -0.06 to $27.20 ( -0.22% , -0.87% overall)– bought at $27.44
FXP: -0.31 to $70.71 ( -0.44% , -0.62% overall)– bought at $71.15

OVERALL: -0.13%


Posted March 26, 2014 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

One response to “March 26th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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    DIA: 1.26, 39.3K
    QQQ: 1.30, 360K
    SPY: 2.14, 1.80MIL
    IWM: 1.85, 541K

    Market looks like more distribution the since middle of the month. I don’t see a huge down move yet. Ratios aren’t implying anything drastic although vol has come in a tad above avg the last few days on down moves which is inline with broader market. Worth keeping an eye on and maybe pruning stocks you’re not in love with that haven’t shown good action to make cash available for a bargain. I’m going to review my holdings and see what can be chopped. I think echoing Traders opinion market might be sideways for awhile. As always a good idea is to sell calls on positions, very good way to make money in this market and a very valuable tool in every market players tool bag.

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