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Welcome to another weekend, and another weekend open thread, where you can discuss any topic you like.

For your consideration, anyone remember “the artist formerly known as Prince”? There was a period in the 1980’s when he was almost as big as Michael Jackson, before he went Michael Jackson-loony. Regardless, he was an incredibly good songwriter and performer. Here are my 3 favorite Prince songs:

1. Nothing Compares 2U: Even though Prince wrote it and performed multiple versions of this song, Sinéad O’Connor owned it with her heart-wrenching version. I would rate it as one of the saddest songs ever made:

2. Kiss: This was another song written by Prince, but improved on by others:

Prince gave the song to the funk band Mazarati for their debut album. Mazarati and producer David Z drastically reworked the song, giving it its stripped-down minimalist sound. When Mazarati delivered the song to Prince, he was amazed at their work and decided to take back the song for himself. He replaced their lead vocal, added the guitar break in the chorus and edited the song to its present form. Mazarati were credited for their backing vocals, which Prince left intact.

Yet again, Prince’s sexed-up song was covered by someone else, and made better. This time, it was Tom Jones and the Art of Noise, who turned it into a flirty and fun song:

3. Purple Rain: The movie Purple Rain was one of the few movie musicals from the 1980’s, and one of the best of all time, even though it was a bit light on plot. But the theme song truly showcases Prince’s talent, both as a guitarist and a singer (sorry, but I can only link the song below):

Prince & The Revolution – Purple Rain (Live)

Have a great weekend folks!

IRA Portfolio Update: Sorry Plas, but I beat the indexes again, this time up 0.10%.

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  1. I have to agree with Plas. Comparing one position to an index seems rather silly.


    DIA: 1.93, 88.7K
    QQQ: 1.24, 1.01MIL
    SPY: 1.98, 2.84MIL
    IWM: 1.99, 849K

  3. Ed, your taste in music is always fun to listen to, even when you are wrong. ☺

    As I have noted before I am a Rock fan but make exceptions for all types of performers and musics. Prince is pop, psychedelic and just plain psycho and so much more.

    I agree with you that Sinead O’Connor does “Nothing Compare 2U” better than Prince. I am not a fan of Sinead and only have one album by her and guess which song is on that album.

    Tom Jones and anything is bad so I have to dismiss “Kiss”.

    My three favorites by Prince:

    3) “Purple Rain” – good movie, great album and fantastic song. The range of Prince’s voice always astounds me.

    2) “Little Red Corvette” – a song about a car that is really about woman. Pull this up on the Internet and watch his moves – sort of a combination of James Brown and Michael Jackson. Most importantly any Prince best list has to have at least one song about raw sex. “Darling Nikki” is close to being in my best three but “Little Red Corvette” and its “Saturday night so what the heck lets go back to your place” theme is a winner.

    1) “When Doves Cry” – This song has so many layers: the fear of becoming like his parents and losing his girl friend (movie: Purple Rain). I always relate to the passionate but spinning out of control into jealousy, fear and possibly an abusive relationship. There may be equals but no song describes the pain of a doomed relationship better. Oh yes, “When Doves Cry” was best song in 1984.

    Back to the album Purple Rain. Are there three better movie sound tracks than Purple Rain?

    • Latetom,
      I can think of one better soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever.

      • I will have to play it and get back to you. I admit it is good. Heck I even danced to disco music for a short period of time. However, Prince’s Purple Rain is by him whereas Saturday Night Fever has multiple groups. Not saying your wrong and I will have to listen to Saturday Night Fever.

      • As for your other choices, I don’t have a problem with them. They’re all good songs. Prince was certainly one of the great musicians/songwriters of the 1980’s.

      • totally agree Ed. Prince is one of the most underrated musicians ever. Dig this guitar work about 3;30 in to this classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SFNW5F8K9Y

      • border bender, thanks for the link, some incredible talent on the stage. Because of the many talents Prince has I think we all forget just how good he is on the guitar. Rolling Stone ranks him #33 on their Top 100 list.

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