May 7th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   1 comment

A slight format change going forward:

Ed’s IRA: 0.01%
DJIA: 0.72%
Nasdaq: -0.32%
S&P 500: 0.56%


Posted May 7, 2014 by edmcgon in Blog stuff, Open Thread, Portfolio

One response to “May 7th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. DIA: 1.91,
    QQQ: 1.04, 666K
    SPY: 2.17, 1.55MIL
    IWM: 1.76, 815K

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the near term is looking to the downside. Indexes have been pretty resilient & staying near highs, but the ratios and/or volume have been seeing some bearish sentiment the last week or so. Of course small caps have been down and the ratios have been reflecting that. Much more volume on them lately.

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