May 12th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   5 comments

Ed’s IRA: 0.01%
DJIA: 0.67%
Nasdaq: 1.77%
S&P 500: 0.96%


Posted May 12, 2014 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

5 responses to “May 12th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. Looks like good earnings report by TC up nicely in after hours.

  2. Looks very good. The main question is if the developing economies are going to continue to show improvement. While this is still fairly high risk, I think they will and I may double my position tomorrow. I think this could be a home run by YE

    • It is stunning how wrong some of the analysts were, saying TC could go to 50 cents. Sometimes you have to wonder if they had an ulterior motive,

      • I totally agree, I am trying to remember back when he downgraded TC. I thought I read that the firm he worked for was buying TC after the downgrade….hmmm

  3. DIA: 1.91, 41.5K
    QQQ: 1.58, 367K
    SPY: 1.75, 1.34MIL
    IWM: 1.29, 546K

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