May 14th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   10 comments

AGQ: -0.09 to $63.46 ( -0.14% , -0.14% overall)– bought at $63.55

Ed’s IRA: -0.05%
DJIA: -0.61%
Nasdaq: -0.72%
S&P 500: -0.47%


Posted May 14, 2014 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Portfolio

10 responses to “May 14th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. Headlines on MarketWatch:

    • Michael Sincere: Stocks are telling you a bear market is coming
    • Yield curve is pushing the bear market out to 2017: Jeffrey Kleintop

    What a wonderful country we live in — no matter what you believe there is an expert who agrees with you.

  2. CSCO, a stock I re-added last week, had solid earnings. Up 7% in happy hour trading.

  3. Not much to report on the technical front. Small caps continue to look weak with no follow through on bounces. S&P is holding up ok. Looks like more indecision here. Has yet to pick a direction.

  4. I have two calls that are probably going to get exercised Friday. SNDK and AVG,

  5. Sorry bumped the send button. Question is do I rebuy or do I move on? I like both stocks but CSCO does look tempting? It’s been oversold and has a good chance of hitting its stride through the end of the year. Would love to get everyone’s thoughts??

    • Jeff,
      I’d wait and re-buy this summer.

      One thing to keep in mind is that CSCO had one good quarter. Their previous quarter wasn’t so stellar (although they did beat the analysts). That said, if you are looking for a safe dividend stock, I’d certainly recommend CSCO. If you are looking for principal appreciation, I’d lean more towards AVG or SNDK. SNDK is arguably the most undervalued of the 3 stocks (based on 5 year growth estimates).

    • Jeff – difficult question for me as I own all three and think they all have upside. Given David Teppers comments last night that it is time to be nervous, the best approach might be to consider which of the three has the most limited downside. CSCO, given their cash position, stability and breadth of earnings along with 3.3% yield wins that argument. Of course, if you are already in defensive names and have a lot of cash, you could easily pick the other two names.


    DIA: 1.00, 29.6K
    QQQ: 1.59, 283K
    SPY ; 1.97, 1.32MIL
    IWM: 1.26, 498K

    I own CSCO for the long term. I think the quarter showed the ship is slowly turning in the right direction. The company generates a ton of cash, and is still trying to transition with the changes in their markets. It all depends on your time frame, are you looking to trade it like GTAT or are you looking to buy and hold for a couple years. Personally I’m not making any new purchases for long term holds right now except only for swing/day trades.

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