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Welcome to another edition of the weekend open thread, where you folks can discuss any topic you like.

Since I started today discussing Led Zeppelin, I think it is only appropriate to finish the week with my 3 favorite Led Zep songs. But you folks know me. I like to explore the song covers, and Led Zeppelin is one of the most covered bands in history. Even Wikipedia has a whole page dedicated to covers of Led Zeppelin songs (few artists can claim that). So here we go:

1. Stairway to Heaven (1971): This song put Led Zeppelin on Rock and Roll’s pantheon. Without this song, Led Zeppelin would only be remembered as a good band from the 1970’s. Trivia: Stairway to Heaven was never released as a single, although the album it was on, Led Zeppelin IV, was one of the highest selling albums of all-time. Here is a worthy cover by Heart, although I would have rather heard Heart cover the song when they were younger:

2. Rock and Roll (1971): This song is possibly the greatest tribute ever done to 1950’s rock and roll music. Here is Sheryl Crow, doing justice to the song:

3. Whole Lotta Love (1969): I was torn between this song and Black Dog for the third spot, but I decided to give this song the nod, especially because it was their only number one single, and that was only in Australia and Germany. Strangely, of all the covers I have heard for this song, only Carlos Santana has managed to cover it well (although I will give an honorable mention to Tina Turner’s 1975 cover):

For the William Shatner award for worst cover, I have to give it to Prince. I have heard better vocals on Japanese anime:

▶ Prince – Whole Lotta Love (2002 Live) – Video Dailymotion.

Enjoy your weekend folks! Only one week until Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. Great covers Ed. I forgot until seeing the televised award for Led Zep where the Heart cover was recorded just how good a guitar player Nancy Wilson is, and how rare it is to find a female guitarist in a hard rock band. There have been lots of great female blues guitarists ( Memphis Minnie and Bonnie Raitt immediately come to mind) but I can’t say I know of a single other hard rock guitar player who is a woman.

    Anyone got any names?

  2. Stairway to heaven…”Without this song, Led Zeppelin would only be remembered as a good band from the 1970′s.” What!!??

    Listen to their first and second albums released in 69 again.

  3. Have a good weekend folks. I did buy uco @ 35.55. Was hoping to here from w_seattle, wonder if he is holding short.

    • I am short with sco. I have $27.50 calls that expire next Friday. I’m in at around $27.60 and sold the calls for a buck, I believe. I’m away from the computer at the moment so don’t have exact numbers.

      • Thank you for the reply back. I guess you missed my last post a week or so ago. With you taking the covered call is this a position you want to keep using covered calls to reduce your cost?

      • Sorry Bill, I didn’t see the post. I saw a good price on sco so I jumped. I don’t worry much with this trade at this price so I will take what I can. I’m happy to be called out and happy to sell calls again on the position if not.

  4. DIA: 0.83, 57.6K
    QQQ: 1.00, 458K
    SPY: 1.79, 1.57MIL
    IWM: 1.56, 458K

    Great choices Ed. Loved each of the covers. I’m sure people will be enjoying their music for a long time still.

  5. Ed, Marshall wondering what your thighys on VIP? Nice dividend been knocked down because large Russian business?

  6. I thought this was a good piece on our current university policy of only listening to Micky Mouse type speakers.


  7. Ed, I always look forward to Friday Music Day. I have no idea where you come up with some of the covers you post and I do admit your William Shatner was a “One-of-a-Kind”. All three of the above — none which aren as good as the original — are really fun to listen to and not being a Heart fan I have to think this was one of their better cuts.

    My three top Zeppelin songs

    3) Whole Lotta Love
    2) Kashmir
    1) Heartbreaker

    I would have listed Stairway to Heaven but it is one of those special songs which doesn’t belong to a best list of a specific band but on a list of those we will all know and hear for ever in our minds, even long after we are gone!

    Heck, like so many I have Stairway to Heaven as part of my (long in the future) funeral and wake. For more on my funeral and wake’s music go to


    • Tom, that was an awesome post. You had me and the wife cracking up. That’s a hell of a way to go and I completely relate. The marching band to/from is the only way to go.

    • Tom,
      Great list, and rather thought-provoking. Mind if I steal the idea for a future post of my own?

      • Use as you please and glad to provide a laugh or two.

      • You might want to consider “In My Time of Dying” by Led Zep.

        My top three in no particular order
        1. Kashmir
        2. Communication Breakdown
        3. How Many More Times; Jimmy Page (zoso) brings out the double-necker ax on this one

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