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Bloomberg: Russia Close to $400 Billion Gas Pipeline Deal in Pivot to China

I told you this was coming:

Russia is close to signing a decades-long contract to supply natural gas to China at a price that would value the deal at about $400 billion, according to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Medvedev’s boss Vladimir Putin arrives in Shanghai today to try and complete an agreement after more than 10 years of talks. The stumbling block has been price, but with Putin facing trade and financial sanctions from the U.S. and European Union after he annexed Crimea from Ukraine, a deal is seen as probable.

While Russia won’t get as much money from China as they would from Europe, they also won’t get the diplomatic headaches either.

As for the Chinese, all I can say is, “Well-played!” They play the long game so much better than any country on Earth.


One day into the annual week where television’s biggest networks reveal their future programming plans and it was clear what the buzzword was going to be: Eventize.

No matter whether it’s a word or not, broadcasters talked frequently about their desire to create big events that viewers need to watch immediately for fear of being left out of the cultural conversation.

Networks are adjusting to the changed world of how people watch their programs: hours or weeks later on DVR, online or on-demand. But the industry’s financial structure hasn’t caught up yet, so viewers who watch when a program is first aired – once the only way to watch – are considered more valuable.

Ask yourself one question: Do you think the broadcast networks will be around in 100 years? 50 years? 10 years? Ok, 10 years might be pushing it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see broadcast networks becoming commodities for distribution by then.

As a Disney shareholder, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see them sell off their ABC network.


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