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Fox News: Google buys Divide in effort to expand corporate usage of Android smartphones, tablets

Another day, another Google purchase…

Google has bought Divide, a startup that helps companies manage the mobile devices that employees are increasingly relying upon to get their work done.

Financial terms of the acquisition announced Monday aren’t being disclosed.

Google Inc. says Divide’s technology will be used at companies whose employees use smartphones and tablets running on its Android software. More than 1 billion devices worldwide are powered by Android, making it the world’s leading mobile operating system.

It certainly sounds reasonable, although I am not familiar enough with Divide to say whether they are good at what they do.

Speaking of Google:

The Telegraph: Google overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable brand

In your face Apple-heads! Sorry, I couldn’t resist:

Google has been named ahead of Apple as the world’s most valuable brand, according to a new survey.

Apple’s brand value fell by 20pc in the past year to just under $148bn (£88bn), conceding the spot it held for three years to Google, whose value increased by 40pc to $159bn, according to Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking.

Google’s investment in its self-driving cars project, Google Glass and numerous Android partnerships, including its forthcoming line of smartwatches, resulted in $15.4bn of revenue in the last financial quarter and profits of $3.45bn.

Just another step in Apple’s gradual decline to what they were before Steve Jobs came back…

Fox News: Microsoft unveils larger Surface tablet, bills it as laptop replacement

Microsoft announced a larger version of its Surface tablet to make the device more compelling as a laptop replacement.

The Surface Pro 3 will have a screen measuring 12 inches diagonally, up from 10.6 inches in previous models. Microsoft said it’s also thinner and faster than before. The company said it worked closely with chip-maker Intel Corp. to maximize performance in a slim device.

Microsoft also collaborated with software developers such as Adobe to adapt Photoshop and other software to take advantage of the new tablet’s hardware.

The Surface Pro 3 will go on sale Wednesday starting at $799.

As a Microsoft shareholder, this is kind of a non-event for me. I have no personal interest in tablets or laptops. I’m a desktop guy.


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