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There’s good and bad news for Appleheads today. First, the bad news:

The Telegraph: iPhones frozen by hackers demanding ransom

Owners of iPhones and iPads have been targeted by a hacker who is freezing iOS devices and demanding a ransom of up to £55 to unlock them.

The majority of the attacks have taken place in Australia although there are also reports of Britons being affected.

It appears that the hacker, who goes by the name Oleg Pliss, has managed to exploit the Find My iPhone feature which can track and remotely lock stolen devices.

Users have been told to send ransoms of between $50 and $100 Australian dollars (up to £55) to a PayPal account in order to have their devices unlocked.

…We contacted Apple but was told that the company would not be commenting on the issue.

And now for the good news:

Financial Times: Apple sees the light in push for Jetsons-style home automation

Apple is readying a new software platform that would turn the iPhone into a remote control for lights, security systems and other household appliances, as part of a move into the “internet of things”.

So now when your iPhone gets hacked, the hackers can hold your entire house for ransom!

Seriously though, I have to question what advantage there is to having a whole house linked into a smartphone (yes, Google is working on this bad idea too). It is like the remote key for my car. It doesn’t save me enough time to make it worthwhile. This is one of those things that benefits the company selling it more than the consumer. I will withhold judgement until I see the final product, but I am having an imagination failure as to how this can be a good thing for me. Build me a robot, and we’ll talk…


Posted May 28, 2014 by edmcgon in News, Technology

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