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Just a reminder: The U.S. GDP 1st quarter “second guess” report will be released at 8:30 am EST this morning.

Fox News: ‘Alien: Isolation’ preview: Taps into the terror of Ridley Scott’s classic

Why would I post a link to a video game review? Read on:

While there have been numerous video games based on the “Alien” movie series, most have chosen to base themselves on James Cameron’s “Aliens,” the more action-heavy 1986 sequel, or the “Alien vs Predator” spinoff series.

The last attempt, 2013’s “Aliens: Colonial Marines,” was appalling and wound up on many “Worst Games of 2013” lists.

So the deck is stacked against the new game, “Alien: Isolation.” It’s still in development, but Sega invited me to try out parts of it, and I can tell you the signs are promising.

First, it’s clear that the developers “get” “Alien.” They know that what made Ellen Ripley’s adventure scary was more than the jumps and the big monster. It was the claustrophobia, the isolation, the sense of helplessness.

Read the entire review. I must confess this game sounds like it has some real potential. The original Alien film was a classic, and to be able to capture the feel of it in a game is impressive. My kids might be getting an X-box for Christmas…

But I wouldn’t bring up something like this without a stock pick behind it: Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. (SGAMY). Gaming companies are traditionally risky, and Sega is no exception. Their financials are decent, albeit unspectacular. But gaming companies rely on their successes to pay the bills: One smash game can pay for a lot of failures. If Alien: Isolation is as good as the original film, it might be worth taking a small position in this OTC stock.


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