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Another week and month comes to a close, so naturally it is time for the weekend open thread. Discuss anything you like here!

This summer, I am going to run a special musical series on the weekend open threads. I call it “The Summer of One-Hit Wonders”.

To get things rolling, I will begin with Alannah Myles:

While Alannah Myles had more than one hit up in Canada, this was her only hit in the U.S. (ironically, it reached #1 on the U.S. charts, but only #2 in Canada). I actually saw her open for Robert Plant, and the Led Zeppelin fans were brutal towards her, even though I thought she did quite well.

Of course, the song is a tribute to Elvis, and I would argue one of the finest tribute songs ever done.

The covers? Surprisingly, most of the covers remain true to the Alannah Myles version. Personally, I would love top hear an R&B or jazz version, but nobody ever tried it. As for best cover, I actually have two nominees.

First, there is a band called Shide. The main thing I like about their cover is the band. While the lead singer was comparable to Myles in her talent, the band really improves on the song, giving it more of a rock sound:

Second, a singer named Sandi Thom, performing with just a guitar, really gives the vocals a workout:

As for Alannah, I should clarify one thing: Black Velvet wasn’t her only charting song. She got to number 19 on the U.S. charts with the song Love Is prior to releasing Black Velvet in 1989:

But after Black Velvet, Myles never charted again in the U.S.

Back to the topic of covers, Alannah released a cover of the 1987 Berlin song, Like Flames, in 2000. While Myles’ cover was decent, she didn’t really contribute anything to the original (which could be why her cover never charted). Here is the original from Berlin:

That is all for me for today and this week. Or as Yogi Berra once said, “Thank you for making this day necessary.”


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  1. I read an interesting article in our local paper regarding companies buying back stock. Several points. Can’t find a better use for the money. Executives looking to increase the stock value since a large part of their compensation is based on stock price. Makes an expensive stock look cheaper. Not looking to make a profit on the stock since they never sell. Would signal trouble if they did. Large buy backs tend to come at market tops. The first quarter of 2014 saw the second largest buy back since they have kept records. So, for whatever its worth.

    • The thing that has always got me about stock buy backs is the lack of information on if they actually work.

      OK I get the theory, company is worth X and is divided amongst YYY shares, if you reduce the shares by ZZZ each share should be worth more, but does this really hold up?

      It is like people that believe that they should own gold because it is “physical”, but forget that in truth it is not currently valued on the amount that is available, but instead on speculations about all kinds of things, some political, some economical, and many other factors. You can lose a lot of money by buying gold when it has peaked in price.

      So on the buy backs, the prices is not directly related to how many shares there are, it is based on the speculation and beliefs people have about it.
      To me to see if buy backs are affective you would have to show that the security is actual priced higher over some period of time then it would be just following its normal ups and downs it would have made. So at the bare minimum some kind of plot that shows that it is doing better than its index, or better yet a sizable shift from its own trend. Given all the factors that can influence the price of a share of a security it is in fact probably next to impossible to prove.

      Does anyone know of such studies?

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