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I will be gone for most of the day today, so you folks get an early weekend open thread, where you can discuss whatever you like.

For your consideration, I offer my continuation of the “summer of one-hit wonders” theme. Today’s one-hit wonder is Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl), by Looking Glass, from 1972:

Brandy is a rare case of a song that tells a story so well that you can feel the motivations of the people in the song. Great lyrics backed up by good music is a hard to top combination.

Sadly, Looking Glass hit the second album curse in 1973 (their second album Subway Serenade failed to chart), and then Elliot Lurie, their lead singer who also wrote Brandy, left the band in 1974 to pursue his own solo career (which flopped).

Surprisingly, there aren’t many covers of this great song. One of the few is a respectable rendition by the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Even though there aren’t many covers, Brandy does get a mention in a decent song by Sarah Borges, Same Old 45, which tells the tale from the point of view of a girl like Brandy:

Finally, remember Barry Manilow’s song Mandy? It was originally called Brandy. From Wikipedia:

“Brandy” was a hit in 1971 for Scott English in the UK and in 1972 for Bunny Walters in New Zealand, but achieved greater success when covered in 1974 by Barry Manilow in the US with the title changed to “Mandy” to avoid confusion with Looking Glass’s “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)”.

Here is the Scott English version:

And the 1974 Barry Manilow version, for you youngsters out there:

I always find it interesting how one good song can influence so many other songs.

That’s it for me this week. Enjoy your weekend folks!


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6 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. dia: 1.04, 35.4k
    qqq: 1.14, 436k
    spy: 1.68, 3.15mil
    iwm: 1.35, 953k

  2. Is this Europe’s version of don’t fight the Fed? Since they may have lower rates going forward is Europe a buy?


  3. How do you calculate success?

    Something that happened on Friday tends to reinforce the way I look at “returns”, but I was wondering what measures others use.
    On Friday one of my mutual funds went down 3.48% (small caps). Needless to say on up day this was a shocker, until I realized that it paid a really big dividend that covered the 3.48% down and then some. Needless to say all the online portfolios I have show this as the big loser for the day/week.
    And there is the problem with just using the price, I have yet to see a chart that includes the dividends so that you can really see what is happening on stocks/mutual funds that pay good dividends. It is my belief the only really good measure is to track cash. As in the return on how much cash you put in.
    Of course even this is very hard until at least you get to retirement, because you are constantly putting in money before that.

    So how do you calculate how good (or bad) you are doing?

    • Chris,
      Since I reinvest my dividends in my 401k, I use my original cost basis, then compare it to the current value including the new shares.

      Here’s the formula:

      [Profit/loss %]= ((([Current # shares] * [Current price]) – ([Original # shares] * [Original price])) / ([Original # shares] * [Original price])) * 100

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