June 17th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary   7 comments

Ironically, I had my best daytrade since the end of April today, using SPXU:

Ed’s IRA: 0.18%
DJIA: 0.16%
Nasdaq: 0.37%
S&P 500: 0.22%

Posted June 17, 2014 by edmcgon in Open Thread, Stocks

7 responses to “June 17th: Ed’s Daily IRA Summary

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  1. Marshall, you might want to take a look at TSL. A solar company mentioned on ibankcoin. I don’t know anything about it and don’t own it. Looks like it is gaining momentum. I am interested in your view of the company and its fundamentals.

    • Trader – I took a look at TSL. It is a tempting company if we want to get into the solar space. I always look at companies in two ways: (1) are they cheap and (2) is it a good company? The cheapness is based (roughly) on their P/E ratio, though I make adjustments per Joel Greenblatts book. They do seem cheap to me. Whether they are a good company is really a function (again roughly) of return on equity. Here is where I struggle a bit, while it isn’t terrible, I would say it is only middling. This is really always an issue with solar manufacturers, it is a capital intensive business and that is why I struggle pulling the trigger. Perhaps this weekend I will do a ranking of all solar companies and see who comes out the best – though my quick look at 3 or 4 suggests that if you want to be in solar, TSL may be the best from a fundamental measure.

  2. I am working on getting the ratios for wed-fri of last week. Having issues getting the historical data for some reason. Either way here is todays

    DIA: 1.16, 22.5K
    QQQ: 1.19, 203K
    SPY: 3.03, 1.64MIL
    IWM: 2.06, 730K

    • mdistas,
      The numbers are getting a little bigger there, especially for SPY. A little surprising during an options expiration week too.

      • The ratio was high. I wouldn’t put much into it being an expiration week. I’m still having issues getting the historical data from my platform so tough to say if it is unreasonably high without those 3 days. Its possible each day saw a spike above 2.50.

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