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I am having technical problems this morning, so the usual data will not be posted. But here is your trading thread anyway.


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  1. Thoughts on TYC?

  2. Latetom, I don’t see any reason to add to NSR. I would like to see it move at least up to yesterdays high and close at or above yesterdays close. Maybe later today if the market moves up on the Fed.

  3. Based upon Traders comments last night on TSL, I bought some today at 12.58. Then I did my second ever covered call, selling September 13 for 1.45. So if I am called out, I would make 13/(12.58-1.45) = 17%.

    • Wow good work, wouldn’t be nice if they were all 17%. 🙂

    • TSL chart continues to look good today. NSR looks good as well. NSR should move higher unless market starts to pullback. TSL looks to have less risk if things get worse in Iraq. Decided to join Marshall in TSL @ 12.80. No covered calls yet.

    • very good marshall welcome to the club

  4. Hi Marshll ,
    What do you think about GOGO?

  5. Marshall you still holding onto PM? Besides insurance companies is there any other sectors and companies you like with uptick in inflation possible in future years? I have oil (MRO, DPM) and also have BAM which has lots of commercial real estate and hard assets.

    • Junker – I am still holding PM. My intent is to hold them for a year then revisit. They are up 14% for me since buying in February! though RAI (as Ed opined at the time) would have been a better buy (up 27%). Regarding potential uptick in inflation, I think the key is to not be too heavy in fixed income or securities that act like fixed income (many REITs and utilities). In fact, I am really down on utilities. So I guess I think more about sectors and class of security as opposed to individual securities.

      I have mentioned here before that I am not sure oil will keep pace with inflation as natural gas and solar become cheaper alternatives. Also, a lot of oil has been discovered of late. So my longer term preference would be to go with firms that will benefit from lower energy costs (transport, fertilizer comp etc) rather than oil companies like MRO. BAM certainly seems like a stock that should provide decent inflation protection.

  6. Market seems to be ok with the Fed. I wouldn’t get too excited yet. This maybe a very short lived bounce. Need to see if there is any follow through.

    • Trader, My comment was in no way directed to disrespect your analysis of the market. I do have to say I often see similarities between you and wave traders.

      • I must have missed a post somewhere. Take a shot at my analysis anytime you think I am wrong. Old dogs can learn new tricks. 🙂 By the way I know nothing about wave trading.

  7. This wave trader I like to read said if markets hold 1920’s expect higher highs and point to 1990.

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