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Another week ends, and another weekend open thread comes around. Feel free to discuss whatever you like here.

Here is my continuing “summer of one hit wonders” series. Today, I offer Rick Derringer. If you don’t remember him, I know you will remember his only hit:

Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo is a somewhat silly song lyrically, but the music makes it work. It is almost a stereotype of 1970’s music.

Derringer originally wrote the song for Johnny Winter, who did a good version of it in 1970, although he never released it as a single (it was included in the Johnny Winter And album).

Most covers of Rock and Roll have been either too similar to the original, or just plain awful. I was thoroughly disappointed with Van Halen’s cover of it, although it was from 1976, so I will excuse it as an early mistake by them. Van Halen tried to do something original with it, and just made a mess.

Surprisingly, the best cover was by a band named Gypsyhawk. While their cover is quite true to the original, they capture the spirit of the song and even manage to improve on it slightly:

That’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend folks!

Posted June 20, 2014 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread

8 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Marshall, wondering what you think of GE now that the deal with Alstrom/France govt is complete? I know that some don’t like the deal as it isn’t as lucrative of deal as originally thought. But the deal does allow GE to use overseas cash rather than have it sit doing nothing or bring it back and have it taxed at 45%. Also this will make take GE from being dominated by GE Credit arm and instead be almost 75% industrial.
    Love to know your thoughts and if it would be a good time to jump into the stock?

    • Bobb – I really do not follow GE too closely. I view it a bit like Berkshire as a proxy for the US economy, with some global exposure. I like the dividend, it does not seem expensive, so if you have a five year horizon and want something relatively safe I think it is a solid pick. You could also buy DIA and probably achieve similar result.

      I own GE in my kids college funds and Berkshire in wife’s IRA (she’d kill me if I picked things that could really bomb out). They have both pretty much been buy and forget type of holdings.

  2. I was called out on GTAT that I bought on 6-5 for 16.00. I sold the June 16’s for .80 so that was my profit. 5%. One of those times where I would have done better if I had not sold the options. I’m ok with 5% for a couple of weeks in this market.

    • I was called out on my last GTAT position as well. Bought in late March ended with a 8.3% profit.


    • GTAT does move around a bit. I have my call options on September 22s (got a terrific price of $2.50). Part of me would hate to lose the shares then, but overall I would not be terribly unhappy. I find I like the call option approach where they are a bit more out of the money. I really hate giving up upside, and at least that way I make a very good double digit return (40+% in GTATs case) if called out. But there are clearly 100 different approaches of skinning this cat.

  3. So, your president wants to support these guys?

    They want to fight the rebels in Iraq and help the same rebels in Syria?
    And Europe still follows cowardly …

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