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Financial Times: Google takes ‘wearable’ battle to Apple with smartwatch services

Google sought to steal a march on Apple and breathe life into a new market for “wearable” devices, as it showed off a range of stripped-down internet services such as voice-activated search to feature on a coming generation of smartwatches.

The search company also outlined plans to take its Android smartphone software into other new markets, signalling an intensification of the platform wars between the leading consumer technology companies and internet companies. These included a version for cars, called Android Auto, and a TV set-top box, named Android TV, taking Google into fields that Apple has already entered.

Apple laid the ground last month for its own iWatch, with the announcement of a fitness app that will act as a hub for a user’s health information, much of it collected from around the body by sensors embedded in wearable gadgets.

The big US tech companies have raced to launch the wearables market as the growth in smartphone sales has levelled off in the developed world, carrying over the tactics they honed in the smartphone wars. Google’s approach, using a new version of its Android smartphone operating system, relies on rallying a range of electronics companies to make devices using its services.

No no no no NO! The smartwatch is DOA. While it is a useful concept for physical fitness fanatics, it has nothing useful to offer the average user.

For intelligent and innovative companies, both Apple and Google are dropping the ball on this one. Look at your forearm, and consider how much space a watch consumes on it. You could put a device there that is larger than your smartphone, with a whole lot more utility.

CNBC: Georgia is CNBC’s Top State for Business in 2014

The South rises again!

Georgia—the Peach State—slices up the competition in the 2014 America’s Top States for Business rankings by CNBC, signaling an apparent shift back to the Sun Belt from the energy-rich Northern Plains.

Always a contender, Georgia outdid itself in 2014.

The state scores a solid 1,659 points out of a possible 2,500, finishing at or near the top in three categories and in the top half in all but two. Since we began rating the states for competitiveness in 2007, Georgia has never finished outside the top 10 overall, with fourth-place finishes in 2007 and 2011, and a respectable eighth place in 2013.

Georgia rules! And it’s a nice place to live too.


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16 responses to “Ed’s Daily Notes for June 26th

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  1. You can’t make this up – what is Marissa Mayer doing to yahoo?

  2. Congratulations! You passed in the group of death to the next round! You’ll probably be playing against Belgium next match 🙂

    • Plas, is something going on? 🙂

      • Yeah yeah … I know, soccer is not that popular in the USA. You like more the brain-smashing football – how long before American football will be banned because of brain-injuries :p
        Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but USA is sitting on an island.

      • I heard USA lost. Your right I’m not a soccer fan. Now for brain-smashing football well that’s a flag now. If you take out the brain-smashing hits out of football and the wrecks out of nascar what fun is it to watch 🙂

      • I just had to look it up. The US lost, but because they didn’t lose too bad they get to go on. 🙂
        It has to do with instead adding up just the games, they count the scores in the games to, to decide who “wins” and moves on.

      • Plas, rugby is the only world cup for me. Running around isn’t any fun unless you can hit someone in the process. :). The flopping involved with the magic sponge turned me off of soccer a long time ago.

    • I hear that it is the fastest growing sport in the US. Does that mean it got a 100% increase in the people watching by going from 1 person watching to 2 people? 🙂

      Personally I don’t like watch any sports, I’m not doing it, it boring.

      • Extremely boring sport. I just had someone tell me soccer will replace football as America’s sport, and that soccer is more team oriented than football which is why American’s don’t like it, “We love individual sports more”. Guess that is why tennis is so popular too. I need some hitting myself, I’d go Football, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball as my list of favorites.

      • I notice I mangled my comment with some pretty bad typos.

        That last like should have been:
        Personally I don’t like to watch any sports, if I’m not doing it, I find it boring.

        I actually like almost any sport, as long as I’m doing it.
        For instance I like bowling, but I sure don’t like watching it.
        I have never played golf (other than mini golf), but I’m sure the same would hold.

      • I love hockey too. I plan on getting season tix if Seattle gets an NHL team. And anyone who thinks that football is not a team sport has never watched the game. My prediction is that soccer will not crack the top 3 in popularity in my lifetime in the US. It’s worse than watching golf only because golfers don’t flop. Other than that, it’s a dead heat (though I actually like playing golf).

    • huh?

  3. Ed, You may not like wearable watches and other items but lots of companies sure are betting on them. For me it’s not here yet. If I could find a watch that looks good and some other features than sure I’m in. Now for my wife she needs one it’s just she wouldn’t wear the smart watches of today. My wife will put her phone in her purse and maybe just maybe she’ll check it once or twice a day but that doesn’t mean she called anyone back.

    • Bill,
      I see smartwatches as a niche market. But you’d think everyone who has a smartphone will be buying a smartwatch, and I just don’t see why.

      • same with go pro

        Seriously, what do you need a smartwatch for when you have a cellphone????

        If apple releaseses a smart watch, I’m gong to wait 5 days and sell short

    • Ed, I agree with you in that I don’t see why anyone will want a smart watch — heck I haven’t worn a watch more than 5 years out of my 63 years of living.

      However, the Apple culture is invent/produce items people don’t know they need. Who ever thought they needed a smart phone until the Apple phone was introduced? The same goes for iPods, iTunes, iPads, and so on. Therefore I will reserve my thoughts on the IWatch until it is introduced and I understand what it can do to make my life simpler or easier.

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