Ed’s Full Portfolio Summary for June and the 2nd Quarter 2014   11 comments

For June, my 401(k) carried the bulk of my money:

Ed’s Overall: +3.83%
Ed’s IRA: +0.07%
Ed’s 401k: +7.64%
S&P 500: +1.91%
ACWI (all-world index): +0.42%
Nasdaq: +3.90%

Even within my 401(k), there was one shining star: Silver Wheaton (SLW), up 27.9%.

DIS: 1.73 to $85.74 ( 2.06% , 36.59% overall, 37.75% overall with dividend)– bought at $62.77
GOOGL: 13.02 to $584.67 ( 2.28% , 33.90% overall, 33.90% overall with dividend)– bought at $436.655
JTP: 0.05 to $8.51 ( 0.59% , 7.31% overall, 9.88% overall with dividend)– bought at $7.93
MSFT: 0.76 to $41.70 ( 1.86% , 13.13% overall, 14.55% overall with dividend)– bought at $36.86
PSEC: 0.68 to $10.62 ( 6.84% , 6.63% overall, 7.71% overall with dividend)– bought at $9.96
SDRL: 1.95 to $39.95 ( 5.13% , 20.15% overall, 22.65% overall with dividend)– bought at $33.25
SLW: 5.73 to $26.27 ( 27.90% , 18.33% overall, 18.73% overall with dividend)– bought at $22.20

In my IRA, my June daytrading results were similar to May: +0.05%, with 9 profitable trades, 5 losses, and one break-even.

For the 2nd quarter, my results were similar, only better, except for my IRA:

Ed’s Overall: +5.25%
Ed’s IRA: -2.13%
Ed’s 401k: +12.63%
S&P 500: +4.69%
ACWI (all-world index): +3.65%
Nasdaq: +4.98%

Overall, I am pleased with my results, especially since I beat all my benchmarks on both the monthly and quarterly results, although I do need to improve my IRA results. I have a strategy for doing that, although I am not quite ready to discuss it yet. It is still in the testing stages.


Posted July 9, 2014 by edmcgon in 401(k), Portfolio

11 responses to “Ed’s Full Portfolio Summary for June and the 2nd Quarter 2014

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  1. Your 401K is doing very nicely. Congratulations on your winning stock picks.

  2. You sure have some nice gains on that 401K. Good buy ins and those Dividends do make a difference. I was watching DIS but ended up with GSK and SO, then had to wait for more Dividends to come in and DIS was out of my price range. I did get SDRL near your buy price so that one is good for me too.

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. Good work with your 401k.

    However it is unclear why your 401k strategy isn’t your IRA strategy (ie buy and hold good stocks). You have played around with day trading, with using the daily headlines to try and guess the market direction, with leveraged ETFs, with currency gambits, with precious metals, with emerging markets, with pretty much anything you could think of. All that has done is lose you money or under perform the market. At some point you should look at what you do well and just do that.


  5. Interesting objective for your IRA Ed. My objective for my IRA is to have it generate sufficient income when I reach retirement age so I don’t have to work. I know my objective won’t be reached if I invest it to ensure it never drops even in when the market’s direction is down. I know there will be down markets and I know that if I don’t sell during those down markets, and use them to reinvest dividends at lower prices to buy more shares, I’ll be better off than had there never been a down market.

    I don’t know of any legitimate studies (empirical or anecdotal, academic or industry) that conclude timing the market to avoid paper losses during down markets is a successful strategy. I also don’t know anyone whose paper losses turned in to real losses for any reason other than they chose to make them real by selling. Perhaps your results will prove 100 years of near-unanimous studies wrong. That’s what you seem to be betting on.

    Seems a bad bet to me.

    Good luck. I look forward to hearing about the particulars of your strategy.

  6. Last month you mentioned you had a new strategy for daytrading and you would reveal it when you felt ready. Are you ready yet or we still have to wait?
    Congrats on your 401k, that is what you are best at in my point of view.

    • plas,
      I still have one more aspect of my strategy which I’m testing. Unfortunately, this aspect is not an every day aspect, so I have to wait for the circumstances to develop for me to use it.

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