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Bloomberg: How Bond Traders Profited Off U.S. Wage of $24.45 an Hour

I am not quoting the article above, but I will call it a must-read. Although it is discussing the bond market, it is also an insightful view of the U.S. economy.

Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton Faults Obama for ‘Stupid Stuff’ Policy

Hillary Clinton is taking on President Barack Obama with the same issue he used against her in the 2008 Democratic primary: foreign policy vision.

Obama lacks a specific doctrine, according to an Atlantic magazine interview with Clinton, the unannounced presidential candidate who is leading Democrats and Republicans in 2016 polling.

“Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” Clinton told the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, also a Bloomberg View columnist, in reference to the way Obama and his aides describe his approach to foreign policy.

It is hard to argue with that. Then again, attacking the Obama administration on most topics is the verbal equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel…


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  1. I agree the article is interesting and is one more article which even with the Fed’s money increases seems to say there will be very little inflation in the next five years or ten years since the Fed decision to push money into the economy. The doom and gloom experts appear to have missed on their inflation call at least in the short and mid-term. But like a broken clock which tells the time correctly twice a day I am sure before I die I will read how correct the experts were on calling an inflation induced problem due to the Fed’s 2009 decision.

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