Sell Silver Wheaton (SLW)   2 comments

I am selling Silver Wheaton (SLW) from my 401(k) account today. I originally bought it in anticipation of a pop in the price of silver when the “London Silver Fix” (aka “bankers rigging the commodities market”) ended this month. So far, no pop has occurred. When the condition passes for which you bought a stock, you sell the stock.

I will post an update when the sale goes through.

UPDATE: The order went through at $25.66 (including trading fees). The final line:

SLW: -0.45 this month, +3.46 overall to $25.66 (-1.72% this month, +15.59% overall, +15.98% overall with dividend)–bought at $22.20 on 5/30/2014


Posted August 18, 2014 by edmcgon in 401(k), Portfolio Moves, Precious Metals

2 responses to “Sell Silver Wheaton (SLW)

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  1. nice gain.

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