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This week we return to my previous theme of “summer of one hit wonders” for the weekend open thread, where you can discuss any topic you like.

Today, we look at Nick Gilder. Although he did chart as the lead singer for the band Sweeney Todd, his solo career had only one number one hit, Hot Child in the City, back in 1978:

According to a Rolling Stone interview with Gilder, this is why he wrote the song:

“I’ve seen a lot of young girls, 15 and 16, walking down Hollywood Boulevard with their pimps. Their home environment drove them to distraction so they ran away, only to be trapped by something even worse. It hurts to see that so I tried writing from the perspective of a lecher — in the guise of an innocent pop song.”

I question whether taking the perspective of a lecher provides a view sympathetic to the poor girls involved in teenage prostitution. Regardless, it does make for a good song, even if it screams for a Marilyn Manson cover due to the evil nature of the lyrics (sadly, he never covered it).

Speaking of covers, there haven’t been any covers of the song by big name acts. However, most of the lesser acts which have covered it seem to have little trouble (Note: If you are in a band just starting, this is a great song to cover!). But standing out from the crowd takes some work.

One of the few that does is a band named Int’l Male, whose version has a 70’s synthesized sound to it, and includes a cute little spoken riff in the David Lee Roth style (stolen almost verbatim from the Van Halen song Panama) which suits the song perfectly:

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Posted August 22, 2014 by edmcgon in Music, Open Thread

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